Friday, 21 October 2011

Marry a nice girl, please!

Lucas, Isaac & Charlene - November 2010

Last night, while I was reading to the kidzes before bedtime, Isaac suddenly said something which launched us into the following conversation...

Isaac:"Mummy, one day, I will find a nice girl to get married."
Me:"Huh?! Oh yes, that's right, please find a nice girl to get married, and have some nice kids too..."
Isaac:"Yes, I will find a nice girl to get married."
Me:"So who do you want to marry?"
Isaac:"Er... Charlene, I want to marry my friend Charlene."
Me:"Oh, as in Charlene che che? Lucas' sister? Auntie Mary's -"
Isaac:"Yes, yes, my friend, Charlene!"
Me:"Oh okay! Yes, Charlene is a nice girl indeed... Erm, so you better be a good boy then."
Isaac:" Huh? Why?"
Me:"So that Charlene will want to marry you. Girls like good boys, you know."
Isaac:"Lucas is a boy, so he cannot marry..."
Me:"No no, you're right, he's a boy, so you can't marry him, erm, not really..."
Isaac:"Yes, so he cannot marry Charlene, he must find someone else. I marry Charlene."
Me:"Hahahhaa... Oh I see... It's okay, dun worry, Lucas is Charlene's brother. So she won't marry him. You don't need to worry about Lucas. It's Enyi you have to keep your eye on."
Isaac goes deep in thought...

Me:"What about in school? Who's the prettiest girl in school?"
Isaac:"Alycia. And Macy. Alycia is prettiest. And Macy also. And Charlene is prettiest also, but she's not in my school."
Me:" *laughing* So how come you suddenly think of marriage?"
Isaac:" huh???"
Isaac, Macy & Alycia - August 2011

hahhaha... I never found out. Perhaps I'd ask him again tonight. Or maybe I should ask his school teachers... hahaha...

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