Friday, 21 January 2011

Do the twins look alike?

What's up, Asher?
 People never fail to comment "But they don't look alike?!" when they find out that Asher & Shawna are twins. Some people go as far as to say "How can they be twins? They don't look alike!" Fortunately, there is an easy explanation for this: Asher and Shawna are non-identical twins. Asher, the boy twin, looks like his Papa. Shawna, the girl twin, looks like her Mummy. They look as alike as any brother and sister may look like, just that they were born a minute apart. I'd usually flip this around and say to people "Well, a pair of brothers may look very much like each other, even though they are born 3 years apart. But looking alike doesn't necessarily mean they're twins!"

We love our Big Blue Car! The third row of seats can be flipped up and we'd have lots of space to stow away all the stuff that we need to bring out!
Pictures above taken on 21st January 2011 | Asher & Shawna @ 12 months | Isaac & Natalie @ 3 years plus | Isabelle @ 5 years plus

Fridays are one of the kids' favourite days - they get to meet their cousins and play with them!

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