Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Saving petrol for tomorrow?

Hubbs posted this on his Facebook wall last night:"Was cruising home in the car with Isaac. As the cars beside us are overtaking us, he turned sideway and asked:"Papa, are you saving petrol for tomorrow?" LOL"

Now, let me give you the background to that quip...

Isaac has always been a competitive child. He wants to win all the time. Well, I guess most kids want to, right? But we've noticed that Isaac is slightly more competitive than average. It shows in his reactions when he plays boardgames etc.

Lately, he has even started to make comments like...
Isaac: "Hah! See, I finish my milk FIRST. I am FASTER than Asher & Shawna! hahaha. I WIN! You two LOSE!!!"
Me:"Okay, that's good Isaac. Good that you're fast. But there's no need to compete in everything. And don't say that Asher and Shawna are losers. If they finish their milk, they are also winners. You're all good boys and good girl if you finish your milk. It's not nice to tell others that they're losers, you should instead encourage them, say "You can do better, Asher! Try harder next time! Okay?"
Isaac:"Okay, Mummy! Ah! Asher! You're done! You're the second winner! Shawna, come on! You can do it!!!"
Isaac:"Like that, Mummy?"
Me:"Yes, that's right, just like that."
Isaac @ 4 years 5 months plus | Pictures taken on 29th January 2011

Like the typical boy, Isaac also likes to race, and be faster. Lately, when we drive in the car, he'd ask us to speed up the car to overtake other cars on the road etc. So, the night before last night, we had this conversation in the car:
Isaac:"Quick, Papa! Go faster! See if you can be faster than this gray car... ... ... ah yah, we are too slow..."
Me:"Isaac, there is no need to go faster than every car on the road. There will always be cars on the road ahead of you."
Hubbs:"Yeah, no need to go so fast. You see, now got traffic light, all stop. Go so fast also no use."
Me:"That's right. Waste petrol only."
Hubbs:"Yeah, go so fast - waste petrol."
Isaac:"Waste petrol?"
Me:"Yes, because you use up more petrol when you accelerate the car too quickly."
Isaac:"What is accelerate?"
Me:"Er... accelerate is to go very fast."
Isaac:"Oh, go too fast will waste petrol?"
Hubbs:"That's right. Too fast waste petrol. Then traffic light, all stop. All wasted!"
Me:"Yes, and petrol is very expensive. You need money to buy petrol. If you waste petrol, you waste money. We must save money."
Isaac:"Ah... I must save money so that I can buy my small house in Australia?"
Me:"Yes, you must save money to buy anything, including your small house in Australia."

So it was particularly hilarious, when last night... we were driving back home, on the road when Isaac observed that our car was not as fast as some other cars on the road and he said: "Papa, are you saving petrol for tomorrow?" :) He's a fast learner ;p

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