Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Isaac likes high number

Isaac @ 4 years 7 months plus | picture taken 13th March 2012
It's the school holidays this week. Technically the kids don't have school holidays since they're in childcare. But as it is the school hols, hubbs found out that there was this 2 day Chinese course thingy, and he promptly signed Isaac up for it. Hubbs is consciously trying to make sure that Isaac has a healthy interest in the language.

So Isaac didn't need to put on his uniform today. I dressed him in longs coz I kinda assumed that the place would be air-conditioned and he might get cold. This morning, as I was dressing him, he took a look at the print on the shirt and said -

Isaac: "Ninety. Look Mummy, ninety."
Me: "Huh. Not ninety. It's zero, nine. So it's nine, not ninety."
Isaac: "Zero, nine. Is nine?"
Me: "Yes, Isaac. You know that what. Zero and nine is 9. Nine then zero is 90."
Isaac: "Huuuuh.... I don't want 9, I want 90, I like high number!!!"
Me: "Er... 9 is high. 9 upon 10 is very high also."
Isaac: "Oh alright, Mummy."

Isaac has a tendency to fuss about the oddest things, and I was just glad to avert another episode. When he saw pictures of hubbs and I, ones that we took when we were dating, before we even got married. Isaac'd ask why he wasn't in the pictures. After I explained to him that that was taken before he was born, I tried to distract him by telling him about where that picture was taken - in Vietnam. Then Isaac started to fuss and complain that he hasn't been to Vietnam and he wants to go there. I'd say, "Okay, next time, we'd bring you there." and he'd say things like "But I want to be there with you when you took THIS picture!" And we're like !?!?!??!?!?! My Isaac, my Isaac!

Regarding the above 09/90 conversation, I was also amused to hear that Isaac "likes high numbers". I didn't get to ask him this morning why he liked high numbers as I was trying to avert an episode. Why would he show a preference for "higher numbers"? My guess is coz he's so competitive. That he wants to be the best and win all the time, and most of the time, the higher the number, "the better the results". Well, this is my guess. I'd have to ask him sometime :)

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  1. Hmmm..I am not sure if this is an age thingy. But my son Kyle who just turned 5, 2007 baby, same year as Isaac is quite picky and fussy as well. Lately, it seems to be worse, I am hoping that he will grow out of it soon.

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