Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Boobies talk

Look at my Isaac. He's such a big boy already. He'd be turning 5 this year in August. My friends comment that he looks a bit different in real life compared to his photos. Apparently his photos make him look older than he is. Looking at these two photos below, you can almost see how he'd look like as a teenager. I'm crossing my fingers that he'd still have complexion this good when he is in his teenage years.
11 April 2012 | Isaac @ 4 years 8 months
17 May 2011 | Isaac @ 3 years 9 months
It's easy to sort of ignore the fact that your kids are growing old... until you start to realise that they are getting to be more aware of themselves, people around them and their surroundings. It started sometime last year when hubbs had his first "sex education" talk with Isaac.

I'd come home after work, and Isaac ran to the door to greet me.
Isaac:"Mummy, Mummy! I know how I am born!"
Me:"Really? How? How were you born?"
Isaac:"Yes! I was in your stomach, and then you push me out!"
Me:"Er, right! That's right! Who told you?"
We walked into the house. Hubbs was having his dinner, and I sat down to join him.
Hubbs:"So, Isaac, you told Mummy what you learnt?"
Isaac:"Yes, I told Mummy already."
Me:"Yeah, he told me he was in my stomach and I pushed him out."
Hubbs:"Huh?! That's all!? Isaac! You learnt much more, didn't you? Papa told you..."
Hubbs:"Remember, Papa told you about Mummy having an Egg. Then Papa have many little sperm, in the balls, then the sperm go and fertilise the egg, then you will be in Mummy's stomach? Remember?
Isaac:"Oh yah..."
Me:"Erm, what brought this about? How come suddenly got this, er, lesson, huh?"
Hubbs:"Oh, we were peeing together at the toilet bowl, then Isaac pointed to my balls and asked me what they were. So I told him, they were called balls, or testicles, or lam pa..."
Me:"*bulging*eyes* Did you have to be sooooo specific?!"
Hubbs *grinned* at me. Faint.
4 February 2012 | Shawna @ 25 months
So maybe I shouldn't have been so surprised when Isaac started to notice stuff... like boobies. Now, for the record, I didn't teach him that word...

A week or so ago, I was drying Shawna after her bath, and dressing her when...
Isaac:"Hey Mummy, look, Shawna has boobies!"
Me:"*splutter* What?! Oh yeah. She does, doesn't she... where did you learn this word "boobies" from?"
Isaac:"Oh, it's Angus, he says "boobies" hahahahaha..."
Me:"Oh I see" Angus is Isaac's classmate.
Isaac:"Mummy, why is Shawna's boobies so small? Yours so big."
Me:"Er... That's because Shawna is still young, next time when she is a big girl, she will have bigger boobies. And they're called breasts lah; can you please don't say 'boobies'?"
Isaac:"Oh! I know! So when she is a Mummy like you, then she will have big boo - breasts?"
Me:"Not really. She doesn't need to be a Mummy to have bigger breasts. When she grow up, she will have bigger breasts already."
Isaac:"Ohhhhh..... Only girls have breasts, right?"
Me:"Er, technically boys have breasts too. Just that boys breasts are smaller than girls' breasts. Like, see Papa, his breasts very small right? Oh, and we usually call boys' breasts "chest". Yes, something like that."
Isaac:" ... " *info*overload*

Then a few days ago... it happened again...
Isaac:"Mummy, Mummy, look! Shawna is just like you!"
Me:"Oh, really?"
Isaac:"Yes! She has boobies like your pump-milk-things!"
Me: *stunned* (even though it's happened before!) "Oh, you mean she has breasts like I do? They're called breasts, darling. Don't say boobies. Not nice. Who taught you this word?"
Isaac:"It's Angus! I told you before, you forget!"
Me:"Ah yes, Angus. And you forgot I told you that boobies are actually called breasts."
Isaac:"Oh yah, I forgot. Sorry Mummy."
Me:"It's okay. Just don't keep saying boobies okay?"
Isaac:"Okay, Mummy!"
29 November 2011 | Shawna @ 22 months

17 May 2011 | Shawna @ 16 months
So, does Shawna have boobies? Yes, indeed she does. Manage to pull out the above pics which show her cleavage, but is not too chao-gng (over-exposed). Most of our friends and family have noticed her very natural cleavage. It's so amazing. Who'd have thought that one can have a cleavage at such a young age?!


  1. Hihi Pamela, enjoyed reading this. Always love all the funny conversations we have with our kids. =) Makes such fond memories. And wow yesh little Shawna does have a natural cleavage despite her small age. =) Keep these cute posts coming!

  2. Hey Summer! Glad you enjoyed reading the post. Haha yeah, many people very envious of her natural cleavage! hahaha

  3. Hehehe...the things that kids say. I see her natural cleavage, wow I think she will be quite well-endowed after puberty :P


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