Tuesday, 15 May 2012

A Mumthesaurus speaks colourful language!

Isaac @ 4 years 6 months | February 2012
Ever since Isaac was born, I have been very conscious and aware of how I speak in front of him. I was very aware of what I said, how I phrased what I wanted to say etc. I did this because I wanted him to learn "proper English". Over the years, my Singlish has slipped in somewhat and being in school, it was inevitable that Isaac learnt some Singlish along the way. I wouldn't have it any other way though, Singlish is part of us Singaporeans, afterall.

Mindfully trying to teach him good English, one thing I often do while speaking with Isaac, is that I would try to use synonyms of words when I talk, so as to widen his vocabulary. I knew this worked very well, when one day, we had the following conversation:

Me:" ... wow! This is VERY BIG!" (I can't recall what object we were talking about already.)
Isaac:"Is it huge?"
Me:"Yes it is! Huge means "very big" - so you're right! It IS huge!!!"
Isaac:"Is it enormous?"
Me:"Yes, yes, it's enormous! Enormous has the same meaning as huge too! Very good Isaac! Some more?"
Isaac:"I know! It's HUMONGOUS!"
Me:"Yes it is!!! That's fantastic!!! Another one??? Gi -???"
Isaac:"Gi??? Oh! GIANT!!!"
Me:" Hahaha... yes "giant" works too. But actually I was thinking of "gigantic" - but very good! "Giant" also means "very big". Excellent, darling!!!"

The above conversation happened a few months back. I kept wanting to blog about it, but didn't get the chance to do so. Just about a week or so ago, we were in the car, and Isaac did something which... wasn't nice. I can't recall what it was. Nothing too serious. And when it's not too serious, I tend not to want to use words which are too... heavy (for want of a better word). So I said...

Me:"Isaac, that's not nice. Please don't do that."
Isaac:"Mummy! Can you stop saying that?!"
Me:"Stop saying what?"
Isaac:""Not nice!" Stop saying "It's not nice. It's not nice" That's so BORING!"
Me:"Huh? So what do you want me to say? You mean you want me to use other words?"
Isaac:"Yes!!! You keep saying "Not nice" so boring!!!"
Me:"Oh... so, shall I say... "That's... not pleasant."? "
Isaac nods vigorously with a smile on his face.
Me:"... not appropriate? not appealing? not polite? That's horrible! Distasteful! Horrendous!!!"
Isaac:"Yes, yes, Mummy! Very good! Well done, Mummy!!!"

I need my devour my thesaurus, seeing as how I need to be a walking thesaurus!!! Eh! I'm a dinosaur! I'm a Mumthesaurus!!! Are you one too? :)


  1. Lol, absolutely, totally, definitely, without a doubt and unabashedly!

    1. Very good! Well done! Excellent!! :) Rwaahahaha!!! Shall add this selection of yours to my mumthesaurus :)

  2. Haha... well done, Mummy INDEED! :)

  3. I'm a grammar / spelling Nazi. Seriously... not too proud of that.

    1. Me too! Sort of! I try not to be tooo Nazi about it. But I have a tendency to correct even my friends when they talk. But I only do that to those I am more familiar with, whom I know they don't mind.


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