Tuesday, 5 June 2012

A robot we made 2 years ago

Two years ago, when Isaac just joined childcare for not long, the school asked us to help Isaac (together with him, that is) construct a robot out of recycled materials. It was meant to be a project with parent/child involvment. I mentioned this here before, but thought I wanted to talk more about the construction of the robot, so here I am.
Pictures taken in July 2010 | Isaac @ 2 years 11 months

As you can see, the robot is quite big. It's quite tall and can stand on it's own two feet quite well. That's because I weighted down its' feet with water. Its feet is actually two plastic bottles that previously held rolls of wet tissue. I wrapped up some tap water in some plastic bags and placed a bag each in each "leg" - so with the weight, the robot was very steady.

The purple detergent bottle that I split down oneside for the torso was the hardest to cut apart. I used a penknife to do it. Not easy though, coz the plastic was quite thick and tough.  But I like the effect. Behind his chest are two 2 litre bottles that used to hold Meiji Fresh Milk. I liken them to being the robot's lungs! kekeke...

If I recall correctly, I used old newspaper, rolled up, to use as the robot's skeleton, namely, his spine, neck and legs. So they'd hold the different parts of the robot together. The arms are made up of plastic bottles as you can see. Can you see the elbow joint? I simply cut a hole in the (upper?)arm and stick the forearm in. And I used ribbons to join the (upper)arm to the torso, so it's movable!!! So cool right?! How can you make a robot without any movable parts, right?!

I was so excited about building this robot that I practically built the whole thing myself. Isaac did help me paste all the papers on the robot though. I wanted him to cover the whole surface but he kinda got bored and said he was done. sighz. But we had loadsa fun doing this! Well, at least I did! :)


  1. WOW! Love this! Especially the wet wipes container as the head and the tilted hat... cool!

  2. Gosh, so impressive, Pam! Didn't know you were so creative and good with your hands. I've been planning to make a cardboard car for Sophie but it's so hard to look for a decent box size. I'm sure Isaac had lots of fun with it.

    1. Thanks Susan! Yeah I was so sad when we had to junk it! hahaha...

  3. This a awesome! How you deal with the sharp edges after cutting the bottles or was there any? Very tempted to make one too but I've no place to store it... Do you keep it for a whole 2 years?

    1. There weren't any sharp edges, I was quite careful to make sure they were all rounded. And nope, we had to throw it away after awhile as it was too big and took up space.


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