Friday, 21 September 2012

Photo heart heart heart!

This is the first time we're joining in Photo Heart Fridays, and this is the perfect picture for it.

Earlier this week, I managed to catch this picture of Shawna buttoning Asher's buttons for him. He patiently sat down and let her do up his buttons. This was in fact the "second round". She did them up the first time, then we realised that she had misaligned the buttons. So I had to updo them, and she gamely did them all up again!

Being twins, Asher and Shawna have always been quite close. Even though they do fight at times, they are also very loving towards each other and they help and take care of each other quite a bit. Sometimes it happens so fast that it's quite tough to catch it 'on film'. But this one I managed to. Photo heart heart heart!!! :)


  1. very sweet indeed. The bond between twins is special. Asher's gf will have a hard time in future hahahah


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