Thursday, 29 November 2012

Trivia Thursday

Sorry for disappearing for a couple of weeks like that. Christmas is approaching, so I've been busy with both personal and business stuff. And, no, I didn't disappear coz I didn't have anything to write. On the contrary, I tend to be quite long-winded in my blogging such that I sometimes take quite awhile to churn out a post. Hence the "I've so much to do that I better prioritise." - and unfortunately, blogging takes a backseat to a lot of other stuff. So... that's where I've been...

So, this morning, while in the shower, I was trying to think of interesting stuff to write about which would make a short post, and then it hit me! You know how you have these random bits of information that floats in your head - not that important to make a hooha about but interesting enough to bring up in a conversation with a friend for a laugh? Well, I have lots of those floating about. And the thing about such random facts is, it will not be critically alarming if I forget the information, but yet, I would much prefer to remember it.

Thus, TRIVIA THURSDAY is born! I shall attempt to share a trivia every other Thursday, starting from today. And I invite the good women of Singapore Mom Bloggers and any other blogger on earth (or any other planet which manages to connect to us - by wifi? :p) To join me in sharing interesting trivia of their lives. Everyone has a story to share! Share yours! No matter how trivial it is! :)

Tan Family Chronicles

Now for the inaugural bit of trivia...

Do you know I actually went live on radio before? It was about 2 years ago, on Gold 90.5 when Maggie and Hamish were hosting the morning show together. They posed this question to their listeners:"Why do hotdog sausages come in packs of 10 when hotdog buns come in packs of 8?"

I smsed in my answer:"It's a conspiracy by the sellers to make consumers buy more packs of hotdog buns and sausages. Because, in order to buy the exact same number of sausages and buns, you need to buy at least 4 packs of sausages (4 x 10 sausages per pack = 40) and 5 packs of buns (5 x 8 buns per pack = 40)! Lowest common denominator theory!"

Maggie and Hamish were so amused by my answer that they called me and ask if I would go on air with them to tell listeners my answer :)

Now... what's YOUR trivia?

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Halloween 2012

We celebrated Halloween last night! Well, not that we really celebrated the event, I think it would have been more appropriate to say that we joined in the fun. My sister lives in a development which has a high proportion of western expatriates. Hence the residents celebrate it en masse, and everyone just joins in the fun.
Shawna in the elephant suit; Asher as Incredible Hulk and Isaac the Ironman!
This is Isaac's 3rd time joining in the fun, and he remembered the fun he had the last two rounds, so he was looking forward to this indeed. He requested an Ironman costume which we managed to throw together without too much trouble - thanks to a Ironman mask printable I found online. Asher got to be the green Incredible Hulk and I found an Elmo face mask for Shawna - but she chose to wear the elephant suit instead. She looked very cute in it, but it was sweltering hot to be in it. Before the night was done, we had to take her out of the suit before she had a heat stroke.
Look at the crowds and the house decor! This year was actually more toned down than previous years coz it was a working day. The residents were all very game and stocked up on candy to give out to the kids.
There were the usual vampires, ghosts, mummies, witches and wizards. But there were also pumpkins, pirates, a grim reaper, bumblebee, spiderman, etc... but the best and favourite costume we all liked best - was the washing machine and laundry basket (see above)! So cute, ain't it?! :)

We got Isaac to don his costume and pose for some pictures coz I wanted to take him in his costume showing off the gloves we dyed for him. He said:"Mummy, I don't need to smile because you cannot see my mouth." Hahaha. yes, indeed! That's my Ironman for you!


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