Thursday, 20 December 2012

Trivia Thursday: Isaac the big kor kor

For today's Tan Family Trivia - let me share something with you that I just found out myself. Last week, we went to the childcare to have our yearly tea sessions with the school teachers, about the year coming up. The school organises these yearly to tell us their syllabus, what they'd be doing, what we should be expecting etc. We were talking to Teacher Rev, who would be Isaac's teacher in K2 next year. She also happened to be Asher & Shawna's teacher last year, when they first started childcare. So she was telling me that...
August 2011 - Asher & Shawna's first day in childcare
More than a year ago, in August 2011, Asher & Shawna started attending childcare. They were 19 months old. During the twins' first few weeks in childcare, Isaac would constantly come to their class to keep them company, whenever he could - when he didn't have any lessons on. In the beginnning, the teachers allowed him to do so, since the twins needed to adjust and having their big brother there was a big help.

However, after a week or so, they decided that he should stop doing so as it was disruptive to both classes. So Isaac resorted to coming to the the twins' class during nap time to nap with them. Seeing as the teachers just stopped him from coming when the twins were awake, they also allowed this for awhile...

Then, they decided that it should stop too. So, Isaac had no choice, he could only stand outside the twins' classroom, and look in on his siblings during nap time, with tears in his eyes...

*giggles* hehehe I can't help it. I'm giggling away (with tears of laughter in my eyes) as I type this. So sweeeeet, right? This is the trivia I just heard from Teacher Rev. I knew about all that happened before - but not about the "tears in his eyes" part ;)

My sweet Isaac! He has grown to be a good big brother and as much as he sometimes quarrel and fight with Asher and Shawna, he also loves them and takes care of them. The three of them also play very well together :) I hope they keep it up!

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  1. He is so loving! But you are so bad - laughing at his expense. I can actually picture him with fat tears in his eyes standing outside the classroom. Ai yo

  2. Awww... such a sweetie pie. Love it when they watch out for each other.

  3. Very sweet of him .. // peishi


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