Monday, 28 January 2013

Come, lie on me

You know, I've always joked, that at any one time, I can only have twins, but not triplets (or more!) because I only have two arms (to carry each child with), two shoulders (for each child to sleep on), two legs (for which child to lie on) and two breasts - to breastfeed both kids at the same time.

Even though the twins are already 3 years old, they still like to lie down on my thighs to drink their milk. Especially Asher. Sometimes, when I am doing something and it's time for them to take their milk, Shawna would be okay with just lying down on the bed/sofa to drink her milk, if I tell her to. But Asher, no, he would rather wait for me to finish whatever it is I am doing, just so that he can lie on my lap to drink his milk.

So, just this morning, I just got out of the bath and was changing when my helper knocked on the door and passed me Asher's milk. Shawna woke earlier and already had her milk. I passed the milk to Asher who was still lounging on the bed, and went back to the toilet, drying myself and changing.

As I was doing so, I heard snippets of a conversation between Asher and Shawna, and realised what was happening...

Shawna:"Mummy is in the toilet, she is changing."
Asher:" ..." (can't hear him)
Shawna:"But she is changing. Come, lie on me. I love you"

I popped my head in to take a peep. Shawna was sitting on the bed, beckoning to Asher to go to her. Asher, was standing beside the bed, holding his milk bottle, still full of milk. I giggled to myself and quickly withdrew my head, lest Asher spots me.

Shawna:"Come, come lie on me. I love you."

I quickly took my phone, popped my head in, and took this shot:

Sigh, my sweet Shawna. She may a bit rough and brash at times, but she is a very caring girl who takes good care of her brothers, despite being the youngest in the family. Just last week, Asher & Shawna's class teacher: Teacher Gillian, was just telling us how, when she told the kids to place their school bags (which were trolley bags) into their respective cubby hole, Asher had replied:"I can't. It is too heavy. I have no strength." Teacher Gillian and Shawna both tried to encourage Asher by telling him:"You can do it. Try!" But still Asher insisted:"I can't. I have no strength." Shawna just shook her head, stepped forward, and heaved the bag into Asher's cubby hole.

Shawna is also the one who would fetch Asher's water bottle for him when it is time to drink some water. And she would fasten the buttons on Asher's uniform. If you have something (a sticker, a piece of chocolate etc) for Shawna, she will naturally ask "One for Asher also?"

At one time, in school, during lunch, Shawna would feed Asher his lunch once she is done with her own lunch, because Asher can be quite slow when it comes to feeding himself. However, lately, we hear that the teachers have taken to placing Asher and Shawna at different tables during lunch time because Shawna has taken to lecturing Asher during meal times. "Lecturing?" we asked the teachers. "Yes," they replied "Shawna will scold him for eating too slowly, or being picky with food, or for anything and everything. Asher will get upset and complain that Shawna is scolding him. So we decided to give Asher a break and place him at a different table." Geeeez... funny how we never witnessed that at home though.

I was searching through my photos, looking for the first picture in this post... and look what I found: a picture we took in October 2012, when we were holidaying in Perth, Australia.

The kids were watching tv while hubbs and I were cooking breakfast :) Yes, Isaac is a good kor kor too! :)


  1. Aww she is such a sweet sister! Melts your heart doesn't it?

    1. yeah! She's a heartstopper, this one! :)

  2. Shawna is such a sweet girl and sister :)

    1. Haha she's not always this sweet, but she can be, if she wants to be :)

  3. Awww she is so sweet. And very motherly to be nagging at Asher too. She's the strong silent type okay, don't play play.


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