Friday, 1 February 2013

Don't Talk Nonsense

You know how kids like to talk nonsense. They think it's funny. So far, when the twins "talk nonsense" they sprout gibberish. And they find it hilarious and would start giggling away. Isaac never really used to talk much gibberish. But I have noticed that the twins, especially Shawna, likes to do it. They do it for a laugh. It's quite silly really.

So, just yesterday evening, on our way home, in the car (see illustration above)...

Shawna:"Asher! Let's talk nonsense!"
Mummy:"What nonsense?! Don't talk nonsense!"
Shawna:"Asher, you start first."
Asher:"Okay! Backside! hahahaha"
Shawna:"Kookoobird! hahahaha"
Isaac:"Poo poo! hahahaha"
Asher:"Kookoobird! hahahaha"
Shawna:"Gina! hahahhaa" (She call the "vagina" by her own short form of "gina")
Isaac:"Shee shee! hahaha"
Mummy:"OI! What nonsense are you all talking!? STOP IT!"

I was part amused and part aghast, really. Previously when they "talk nonsense" it was just gibberish. Since when did it become verbal body-parts and bodily-discharge slinging?! The twins are just three years old, and Isaac is only five plus. I can't even "blame" Isaac for starting it, coz he didn't. And the stuff he says are even milder than the other two! *faint* 

It also struck me how, even though they are so young, they could "tell" and "sense" that these are sorta taboo words that you don't throw around... which is of course why they are doing it...

So I told them to stop. But amidst their laughing and giggling, did they listen to me? Of course not.

Shawna:"Backside! hahahaha"
Asher:"Kookoobird! hahahaha"
Isaac:"Poo poo shee shee! hahahaha"
Mummy:"STOP IT!"


Shawna:"Okay, cheekyboomboom. hehehehe"
Asher:"Yes, cheekybumbum. hehehehe..."
Isaac:"Yes, cheekybambam hahhahaha..."
Shawna:"You, cheekybuttbutt!!! hahhahaa..."

Sigh, the stuff I put up with.


  1. Oh Yes,cheeky bomb bomb or skinny bomb bomb. hehehe By Ian Tan (AKA Uncle Ian)

  2. So funny and so wrong. Maybe that's why it's so funny. I wonder if the other kids say that too?

  3. LOL!!! Your kids are so adorable... As nonsensical as it sounds, it sure is funny and brings a smile right? Sometimes I'm the one guilty of launching into nonsense talk with Sophie, which has her in stitches.

  4. Love the picture, as well as the conversation!

  5. LOL! They are so cute (and funny!) =)


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