Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Tuesday Ten Tunes Test #3

Tuesday Ten Tunes Test! 30 April 2013 

Here are this week's tunes! What are the song titles and artist/artists who sang them? Again, if this is too easy for you, just give another line in the same song, without giving away the title. MummyMoo, feel free to provide the answers... after... 5pm? hahhaha :p
  1. “A long long time ago I can still remember, how that music used to make me smile…
  2. “Like a river flows surely to the sea. Darling so it goes. Some things are meant to be…”
  3. “Something in the wind has learnt my name. And it’s telling me that things are not the same”
  4. “We’re so enchanted how clever we are. Why should one baby be so hungry she cries?”
  5. “Say my name, sun shines through the rain. A whole life, so lonely. And then you come and ease the pain”
  6. “Say nighty-night and kiss me. Just hold me ctight and tell me you’ll miss me.”
  7. “Loving would be easy if your colors were like my dreams, Red gold and green, red gold and green.”
  8. “Joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea. Joy to you and me…”
  9. “We’ll put out to sea. And we’ll perfect our chemistry. By and by we’ll defy a little bit of gravity”
  10. “I’ll get over you. I know I will. I’ll pretend my ship’s not sinking”

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Monday, 29 April 2013

MMMM: School Memories!

Monday Movies Music Memories: School Memories!

Some of my earliest music memories are school related. Like this first one, a very catchy number: The Twist by Chubby Checkers

We had to learn this mass dance, that involves said twisting (obviously) when we were in Primary 3. Before you ask, no, I can't recall the dance steps at all - except for the twisting action of the ball of the foot grinding into the floor. I just have this vague impression of us practicing it during P.E. lessons, and finally when it was performed on the school field, en masse. Think it was Sports Day, maybe? 

And this other music memory was from Primary 6...

Before then, the song Vogue by Madonna didn't exactly catch my attention nor my fancy. But after that school camp, I forever had strong memories associated with this song.  It was a school camp, I believe. And each class was tasked to come up with a dance/skit to perform in front of the cohort during the ... campfire? I don't recall any fire. Hmmm... I remember it was performed in the hall, on stage. 

There weren't many people who actually did the dancing, just 6 girls, if I recall correctly. (It was a girls' school). They stood in a triangular formation, and did all these cool dance moves. Now that I see the music video (my first time seeing it!), I can definitely see where the inspiration for the dance moves came from. But still, it took a good bit of choreographing and improvisation to produce a very classy and cool dance without being too risque for 12 year olds. I remember being very proud of our class event and of my classmates who were in the dance. Me? No no, I wasn't dancing. I had the very important task of playing (and rewinding) the tape recorder during their practice dances, which would explain why I remember the song very well now, given the number of times I heard it then...

Looking back, I am amazed that we were as organised as we were, to come up with a dance at such short notice, rehearsed, and presented. In secondary school, we also had class items we had to put up, and I even recall writing the script for one of them, and directing it (it got me out of the actual performance) - it created quite a stir - mainly coz I put a toilet bowl on stage (it was a commode, masquerading as a toilet bowl). Hmmm... I must go see if I still have that script...

But I digress, what I wanted to say was... it was fun. I had lots of fun doing all these class items/dances/skits/performances, whatever. I had always taken it for granted that it was required of all school students, no matter which school they were in. However, there was a CCA campfire we were  (through hubbs') invited to attend, that had students from many schools in attendance. And they were supposed to put up an event per group. I was looking forward to see the items... But when the kids (secondary school kids) put on their items, I was aghast! The performances were ill conceived and badly executed. I was shocked. I told hubbs what I thought of it and his comment was:"You were in a good school last time." I was like:"Huh, that makes a difference meh?". But, according to him, it apparently does.*flummoxed*

Oh I have another music memory! This one from secondary school!

Crazy Little Thing Called Love by Queen. This was when I was in Sec 2. It was an event that the club I was in ELDDS contributed for one of the school celebration concerts. Think it was some anniversary of the school or something, so it was held in Kallang Theatre iirc. This one I danced in. But I was just one of the minions. Who danced a step wrong in the finale move. Which caused my entire class to burst out in laughter - cause it was obvious that I made a mistake. Thankfully my class was seated so far away from the stage that no one really noticed (except me.) Thank God for small favours (and big ones too!).

Anyhoooos... moving on... what about you? What school music memories do YOU have? :)

By the way,  if you're from my primary school - you know who you are, girls!!! - please make a comment and fill in my memory blanks with more information!!! :)

Bloggers! Do you have a movie/music memory to share! Join us on Monday's Movie Music Memory! :)
Monday's Movies Music Memories
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Thursday, 25 April 2013

Thursday Trivia: What's our favourite colours?

This week, on Thursday Trivia, we're doing some Tan Family Trivia! Colours are a very personal thing. Different people like different colours, and there's really no explaining why. It's one of those things in the universe that you can't really explain. It is really quite individualistic. Do you know what our favourite colours are? :)
Isaac @ 4 years 8 months, circa April 2012
Isaac didn't really have a favourite colour till he was about 4 years old. Red was a clear favourite. He was very vocal about it and would consistently choose items that were red in colour, if he were given a choice. Sometimes he would come back from school and tell me how upset he was that he didn't get to get the red piece of paper to do his artwork on coz a classmate had already taken it. He was seriously into red.

Then toward the end of his 4th year, he started to say that he liked the colour blue too. That when he was 5 years old, he would like blue, that blue would be his favourite colour.  Red was his 4 year old favourite colour, he said. Blue was 5 years old favourite colour. He seemed to think that you had to change a favourite colour every year. Later, I found out that one of his friends had a change in favourite colour, so maybe that prompted this about. So I explained to him that, yes, he could change his favourite colour if he wanted. but also that it was okay to be 5 years old and still like red. "See, Papa, so old also still like red. It's okay." I told him. 

After awhile he stopped harping on his change of favourite colour. And it was clear to us all that his favourite was still red. However, now, whenever he is choosing something and red is not available, he would say "Okay, I like blue too." so that's good. At least he has a second backup choice, and won't throw a fit over not being able to get something in red. I remember how he used to do that, and my sister, trying to coax him out of his tantrum would say to him "You don't need to have everything in your favourite colour red. You like to eat chicken rice right? But it is not red, right?" 

Hmmm... he likes to eat char siew rice even more than chicken rice nowadays...
Asher @ almost 2 years old, circa December 2012
This Incredible Hulk above, is our dear Asher. Guess what his favourite colour is? That's right! It is green! Asher is amazing. Even before he turned 1 year old, he liked green. He luurrves green. No, wait a minute. Isaac lurrves red, Asher, he is obsessed with the colour green. He likes it so much that he wants everything in green. Everything. He's worse than Isaac in his colour obsession. And it's really inexplicable that he likes green coz he is not exposed to it at all. Neither hubbs nor I have a preference for the colour green, and neither does Isaac. As a result, almost none of Isaac's clothes (which get passed on to Asher), is green. 

So poor Asher, who loves green, didn't have any clothes that were green. AT ALL. None of his clothes, toys, bags, shoes, whatever, were green at all. So, whenever I buy anything new for Asher, it'd definitely be green. And he loves them. When I was printing out masks to make for the kids' Halloween costumes last year, I just searched for green characters for Asher. Think I had Incredible Hulk, Shrek and Oscar the Grouch - he chose the Incredible Hulk. He loves that mask and still plays with it constantly, to this day.

When he was younger (than 3 years old), this green preference of his proved to be a big problem when we played boardgames with the kidzes. Coz Asher would just take the green components and run off with them! He refused to let us play the game properly coz he insisted on holding on to those pieces, or cards, that were green in colour. Thankfully he has outgrown doing that, and now allows us to play the game in peace without kidnapping any of the game bits.

Shawna @ almost 3 years old circa December 2012
What really amazed us about Asher and his green obsession is that he developed it at such an early age! Before 1 year old! We wouldn't have believed it if it didn't happen to our own son! Now, Shawna doesn't have any clear favourite colour yet. Generally, she likes and is okay with pink, yellow, red, purple... But I feel she has no clear favourite. Not yet.

My theory as to why she currently likes those colours is coz that is what the colours of her clothes and stuff usually are. Whenever people get the twins anything, they usually buy blue and pink: blue for Asher the boy twin, and pink for Shawna the girl twin. Clothes for girls at this age tend to be generally all pink in colour too. My sister has three girls, Rebecca, Isabelle and Natalie, with Natalie the youngest being the same age as Isaac. And Natalie's favourite colour is yellow. So lots of the girls clothes, bags, shoes and stuff that gets passed to us for Shawna... is pink and yellow. So! My guess is, that Shawna has come to associate the colours pink, yellow, purple, sometimes red, as HER stuff. Not so much as that those are her favourite colours. 

If you ask her "What's your favourite colour, Shawna?" She will usually have to think for awhile... before she answers. And sometimes she says yellow, sometimes pink, sometimes purple. Often, I notice that she will pick up on a suggestion that the person questioning her proposes. Like:
"What's your favourite colour, Shawna?" 
"Erm... let me think..."
"Is it yellow?"
"Yes! Yellow!"

I have heard that same conversation in the colours pink and purple too. Hence my conclusion above. :p  It'd be interesting to see what she eventually chooses to be her favourite colour. Or maybe, she never will.

And what about hubbs and I?

Hubbs likes red. Clearly. Like Isaac, yes. When we only had Isaac, before we had the twins, I used to be convinced that the reason why Isaac liked red, is coz hubbs likes the colour too. So yes, hubbs would have lots of red tees that he wears. His road bike is red and he would have no qualms with carrying a red water bottle or something.

As for me... when I was a child, my favourite colour was blue. Right now, one of my favourite colours is black. Black started to overtake blue as a favourite colour when I was in late primary school, secondary school time. Black = Gothic ya know, and back then, and to me now, actually, Gothic's kinda cool. More than half my wardrobe is black - as most of you would attest to. Black makes me look slimmer!!! See this picture above!? (Well yes, it helps that hubbs is blocking me with his body... but still...).

But being sentimental me, I have a secondary school best friend whose favourite colour is maroon. And because of that, I started to like the colour maroon since secondary school days. Now, decades on, maroon is one of my favourite colours too. It is my favourite shade of red. So when we got married and was thinking of a dark shade of colour to paint the wall of our home theatre - I suggested maroon. And since hubbs liked red, maroon was fine with him. We even have our curtains done in maroon. My sister even said to me:"Considering you practically hated the colour red when you were young, it's quite ironic that so much of your house is in red!" "Maroon!" I said "There is a difference :p"

Just the other day, we were driving home from school when 
Isaac:"Look Mummy! There's a maroon coloured car!"
Me:" Yes, it is."
Isaac:"Hey! That's your favourite colour, right? Maroon?"
Me:"Yes, that's right! You remembered!"
I'd been trying to teach him the proper names of different colours like cyan, maroon, vermillion... I was pleased he remembered the colour maroon, and that it was my favourite colour :)

What are YOUR favourite colours? :)

Trivia Thursday
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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Tuesday Ten Tunes Test!

Are you ready for your Tuesday Ten Tunes Test!? Let's see how well you do this time?!

  1. “I can go where no one else can go. I know what no one else knows”
  2. “Please lady, please, lady, don't just walk away. Cause I have this need to tell you why I'm all alone today..."
  3. “I’m not denying. I’m frightened as much as you. Though I’m barely touching you. I’ve shivers down my spine...”
  4. "With all my heart, I pledge my love forever. You've got my word. You and I will always be together..."
  5. “She’ll see I’m not so tough. Just because I’m in love with an…”
  6. "The rain has stopped, the storm has passed. Look at all the colours, now the sun's here at last..."
  7. “He walks on, doesn’t look back. He pretends he can’t hear her”
  8. “Though it’s hard to let you go In the Father’s hands we know That a lifetime’s not too long…”
  9. “Sometimes I just forget. Say things I might regret. It breaks my heart to see you crying”
  10. “”When you comin’ home?” “Son, I don’t know when. We’ll get together then…” 
Ah hah! I bet you think this is sooooo easy! But you know what? This week, we shall not ask you for the singer nor the song title - that's really too easy! No, now, you have to give me the next line, or any other line in the song! So if you know the songs, you'd be able to provide any other lines in the song... And that would give additional clues to others who don't know the song, and are trying to guess it! :) So scroll down and click on "Comments" for some clues!!!

Fire away! :) 

Monday, 22 April 2013

MMMM: The Sound of Music!

Monday's Movies Music Memories: The Sound of Music!

One movie that holds many memories for me is The Sound of Music. This is one of the earliest movies I remember watching. No, I didn't watch it in the movie theatre, we watched it on tv. It is one of my mother's favourtie movies, you see. So I recall, she would say "Oh! Quick switch on the tv, it's The Sound of Music!" and my sister and I would sit there and watch the movie with her. And we would do this every time it was shown on tv - and that was quite often indeed, well, at least once a year, during that period of time. Eventually, my mother tape recorded the movie so we could watch we whenever we wanted to.

We loved it, my sister and I. We loved the songs and coz we watched the movie so many times, we more or less knew the lyrics and could sing along when the musical segments came on. So, one day, my mummy came home from work, and handed us this sheaf of papers - it was the lyrics to the songs in The Sound of Music! All the songs!!! I don't know how she did it. But this was back in the days where there was no internet, so things like lyrics were not easy to find. But somehow she did it, she found the lyrics for us. On hindsight, this was how my mum showed her love for us. She is not the sort that was big on hugs and kisses, but this was her way of showing us she loved us.

We were ecstatic! For many nights, after we finished our school homework, my sister and I would pore over the lyrics singing the songs. Now, when my sister and I were young, we had more than our fair share of quarrels and fights, but this was a rare time that we would do something together and have fun together. Over and over we would sing together. And the song Sixteen Going On Seventeen - I would sing the male character and she would take the female character and we would sing the night away. Thus, because we grew up singing the songs with the lyrics in front of us, I knew the lyrics very well indeed.

Now that I'm all grown up and married... Guess what is one of hubbs' favourite movies? That's right! It's The Sound of Music! I must admit that I think he loves this movie even more than I do! Every now and then, when we get a little tired of watching animated movies on our movie nights in our home theatre, hubbs would put on The Sound of Music dvd. In fact, it goes on often enough that even the twins Asher & Shawna know how to sing along to some of the songs! Isaac can read already, so he karaokes along to the songs since we make sure we turn on the subtitles. Often, we fast forward the movie to go from one song to the next, when we see the kids get restless during "the talking bits". 


One of the songs that the kidzes love to sing along to is, of course, Do Re Me. It has easy to learn lyrics and even though the twins get the lyrics jumbled up sometimes, they have a great time singing it. It's also one of those songs that we like to sing when we're out in the parks or are hiking or something... along with The Lonely Goatherd - which will definitely have its lyrics butchered like nobody's business, but lots of fun singing along to that.

Another song that we often sing is My Favourite Things. I often sing this song to the kids at night, when we're trying to get the kids to sleep, so the lights are off, but the kids are still quite awake - then I start singing... I remember how, in the movie, Maria tells the children, that if one is upset, all they have to do is to sing about their favourite things, and they will feel better. The scene where there was a storm, and the kids all go to Maria's room to huddle together, is one of my favourite scenes in the movie. It is the turning point in the movie of when the children started to like Maria. Very heartwarming. The scene below is the reprise version of the song, when Maria comes back.

The thing about having so many lyrics in your head, is that you start to sing the song when you are doing a related activity? Like...
Searching for something: "Climb every mountain, search high and low, follow every rainbow, till you find... YOUR SHOE IS HERE ASHER! How did it get here!?"
While hiking:"Climb every mountain, kill every mosquito, follow every ant trail, till you wanna go...pee pee! Who needs to pee! Got toilet here, please go and pee and poo if you need to!"
Talking to Shawna: You are just 2 going on 3 years old, you are not a queeeeen, yet. Please be a good girl, don't scream down the world, you drive me so crazy..."

But sometimes, in our more loving moments, I would serenade to hubbs Something Good

Perhaps I had a wicked childhood
Perhaps I had a miserable youth
But somewhere in my wicked, miserable past
There must have been a moment of truth

For here you are, standing there, loving me
Whether or not you should
So somewhere in my youth or childhood
I must have done something good

Nothing comes from nothing
Nothing ever could
So somewhere in your youth or childhood
You must have done something good - ALSO! 

And of course, one of our favourite songs from The Sound of Music, is when the children sing So Long, Farewell... We can't wait till the kids are older - we will make them sing and act out this song, and we'd record a video of it! :) 

In searching for the links for this post, I found the official website for The Sound of Music. Apparently it is based on a true story. It's quite interesting really. It's got loads of information in there so do go take a look. The Sound of Music is such a classic that it's really entered into popular culture. Now, if you only watch on video from this post, let it be this one below. It's really cool! I love it!

"More than 200 dancers were performing their version of "Do Re Mi", in the Central Station of Antwerp. with just 2 rehearsals they created this amazing stunt! Those 4 fantastic minutes started the 23rd of March 2009, 08:00 AM. It is a promotion stunt for a Belgian television program, where they are looking for someone to play the leading role, in the musical of "The Sound of Music"."

Bloggers! Do you have a movie/music memory to share! Join us on Monday's Movie Music Memory! :)
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Thursday, 18 April 2013

Save money by driving fuel efficiently!

Trivia Thursday! Thursday Thrift Tips! Thursday Ten!
Hubbs and I have this mini competition going on... do you know what is it about? It's to see who can stretch our petrol litre the longest way!  That way, we save petrol, save money, and save the earth!
We averaged 14.7km per litre of petrol for almost an entire tank!
Well, okay, so it is not exactly a competition... But, you see, Hubbs has perfected the art of driving in a certain manner so as to maximise the mileage, the distance per litre of petrol. He has gone as high as 15km per litre on our 3 year old Honda Freed. But he admits that he could achieve that coz he drove without the aircon on. 

Previously, I was not as conscious about the way I drove. As a result, I was unnecessarily heavy footed and this resulted in an average of about 12km per litre of petrol for our tank of petrol, despite hubbs' best efforts to raise the average when he drove.

Lately, as I am behind the wheel more often now, I began to realise that hubbs' driving habits truly, effectively contributed to the car having better mileage and improved fuel consumption. (I thought he was just taking the mickey outta me for constantly ribbing me on how fast I drove.) So I started to observe how hubbs drove. I also started to take note of that "km/l" fuel consumption line while I drove, so I could observe how our car behaved in relation to the fuel consumption at that time, and how hard I was pressing on the fuel pedal...

After much trial and error and putting into practice the things I have observed... I am proud to announce that I have gotten the knack of driving in an fuel-economy way! So it became quite common for me to ask hubbs to look at the fuel efficiency figure at the end of a day if I had increased it that day. This picture above is the result of my hard work last week: I manage to obtain an average of 14.7km per litre for almost our entire 40 litre tank of petrol! This was quite an achievement! 
So! Do you wanna know how we did it? Here's a Thursday Ten on how to drive in such a way as to have better fuel economy for your car!
  1. There's no need to speed to the red light, nor when you're going downhill... Once you see the light turn red, lift your foot from the accelerator and let the car cruise...Similarly, when you're on a downward slope, you can lift your foot from the accelerator a little... For contrary to popular belief, your car doesn't just run on fuel, it also runs on momentum and gravity as well!
  2.  Accelerate slowly... I know that sounds like an oxymoron, but it's not. Okay, maybe I should say "accelerate constantly" - just depress the accelerator up to 1500 rpm and keep it there, the car is gaining speed slowly but surely, with much better fuel economy than just depressing the accelerator pedal as hard as you can go...
  3. Observe your car's fuel consumption line/meter. Different cars probably behave differently. For our car, I observed that driving at the speeds between 70 to 90km/h is the most fuel efficient - the meter goes up 20 - 30 km/l. So when I drive on highways, I slowly accelerate up to a speed of 90km/h and stay at that speed on the middle lane.
  4. Change your mindset. I used to think hubbs is wasting time coz he drove so slowly. But now, on hindsight, you really don't save a lot of time by speeding to the red light. Occasionally, we do miss a green light, yes, but that'd delay you by... 5 minutes, at most?
  5. Adjust accordingly. Okay, so you know you might take a slightly longer time on the roads, so, leave home 5 minutes earlier. And if you aren't gonna be the speed demon you were before - do get used to driving on the middle lane or even the extreme left lane...
  6. Plan your route. Going up steep slopes tend to suck fuel like crazy. So if we have an alternative route to take that has less slopes, we'd take it. Similarly, if there is a carpark lot on the ground floor, just park there rather than driving up a few floors at the multi-story carpark.Fuel consumption is greatest when trying to get a car moving from a complete stop - so, avoid routes with lots of traffic lights!
  7. Switch off the aircon... Hubbs does this. But personally, I don't coz I hate the wind mussing up my hair and some days are just too hot to bear, and oh, I hate exhaust fumes. But yes, apparently switching off the aircon does save fuel, so if you don't mind, you could try it too.
  8. Be selective. Try to make this your new driving habit so that you can achieve fuel efficiency, yes. But if you're traveling in a convoy (wedding? traveling in groups overseas?), do stay close to the car you're supposed to follow and not lag too far behind. Or if it's an emergency, just speed away (with care!).
  9. Don't take it personally... when other drivers start to overtake your car - especially while you cruise to the red traffic light. You are the one saving petrol. They are the ones wasting petrol when they accelerate quickly in order to overtake you just so they could be the car before you, at the red light. So ignore unsavoury characters on the road who glare at you, high-beam you, finger you (erm, that sounds quite wrong) for not burning fuel as quickly as they are doing....
  10. Be conscious of how you drive. Practice practice practice!As you know, practice makes perfect!  After a few weeks of practice, it will come naturally. Nowadays, I realise that I do not have to be so conscious and aware about it anymore, and yet still drive fuel efficiently automatically
There you go! Drive your way to using less fuel! Petrol is so expensive nowadays! Save money! =)

Trivia Thursday
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SANses.com's Talkative Thursdays

Monday, 15 April 2013

Monday's Movies Music Memories!

You know how everyone's into Candy Crush the online game recently? Well, I'm not. I intentionally ignored all Candy Crush play requests coz I really did not need another time sucker... coz I already have one! I've been on Dragon Story for quite awhile now, so I don't spend a lot of time on it everyday now. I play it on my iPad. It's basically like a super evolved form of Tamagotchi, except that we raise dragons. Okay, technically, it's called breeding dragons. There are all sorts of pretty dragons which you can breed to get new types of dragons etc... 

Anyway, I digress. The thing is, in Dragon Story, each player has their own set of dragon islands, and we each have our Wall - much like a Facebook Wall where you can leave messages for one another. It's limited to a short two line messages, and no pictures allowed. So, usually, players simply visit each other's islands, and leave a message on the wall to say that they have visited, hoping that this player would return the visit. (When you visit other islands, the other party gets coins etc). 

Some people write rhymes, some people type jokes, most people simply say "Played" or insert a smiley face or a general greeting. I used to type "played", until I learnt how to Copy & Paste using the iPad (yes, yes, noobie me...). Then I started to think of things to say that played on the word "play" like "Played hopscotch with your dragons today!" - but that got tiring after awhile... Then one day in early March, there were some song lyrics that were stuck in my head, so I just typed that down, and said "WHAT SONG?" - and people actually started to reply on my wall, guessing the song to the lyrics I just wrote!

And since then, everyday, I would change a new song everyday, and pasted the lyrics of the day on other players' wall, when I went visiting. I would choose lyrics of songs that I liked very much and that were relatively popular. The response was amazing! People started guessing and having a great time. On days when I was too busy to play, some people would even drop by just to ask "No song today?". A few of us started sharing which part of the world we were from and there were people from USA, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Pakistan... it was amazing.

What really struck me, was how music transcends borders. Someone wrote, that I reminded her of her late mother, coz she loved the song I just posted. Another said that the song of the day made her a little homesick that day coz it reminded her of home. Yet another player said that she thought of me the night before, because she heard the song that I had posted a few days ago...

Hence, I started thinking that this would make an excellent blog meme. Music and Movies are so entrenched in our culture that it dredges up memories of the past.. but first, do you want to see the sort of lyrics I have been posting?

Let's see how many songs you can identify from the lyrics below without resorting to googling them for the answer! Bonus if you know the title and artist/s too!
  1. "Before this river Becomes an ocean Before you throw my heart back on the floor..." 
  2. "Lay a whisper, on my pillow, leave the winter on the ground."
  3. "So don't stop me falling It's destiny calling A power I just can't deny..."
  4. "But you gave away the things you loved and one of them was me..."
  5. "I'd live and I'd die for you. I'd steal the sun from the sky for you. Words can't say what love can do..." 
  6. "I don't want to be tied. To anyone's strings. I'm carefully trying to steer clear of those things..."
  7. "Then it happened one day, we came round the same way. You can imagine his surprise when he saw his own eyes" 
  8. "But there's a pretty little thing Waiting for the king. Down in the Jungle Room..." 
  9. "There was blood and a single gun shot. But just who shot who?"
  10. "If I made you feel second best, I'm so sorry, I was blind..."
Now, how many of that did you know? :) Better yet, what sort of memories did those songs bring up?

Update: Song titles & Artist answers to the above songs are already submitted in the comments section, in the first comment by MummyMoo.

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Friday, 12 April 2013

Lucky to have someone to share with!

You know how, when you have three kids, one of the things you HAVE to get them to learn - is how to share. Share share share. It's like a mantra. We repeat it all the time. The kids fight over it all the time. It goes on and on. But then, it is part and parcel of growing up.

The kids have good days and bad days. On bad days, they quarrel and fight over every seemingly insignificant things... who gets to play with the empty toilet roll telescope...  who has held on to the rolled up tube of paper light saber for too long... who gets to press the lift button first... who gets into the car first etc...
Isaac, Shawna & Asher, circa October 2012
Isaac @ 5 years 2 months
Asher & Shawna @ 2 years 9 months

On good days, they share very well, give way to each other. We make sure that we single out such good behaviour and praise the kid for it.
"That was very generous of you, Shawna, to let Kor Kor see your party hat the moment he asked for it. Thank you!"
"Thank you Asher, for waiting quietly and patiently for your turn to read the book on sharks. That is very good behaviour. Thank you!"
"That's nice, Isaac. I saw how you gave Asher some of your chocolate when he dropped his. Thank you for being a very good Kor Kor and taking care of your little brother like that. Asher and Shawna are so lucky to have you as their Kor Kor!"
We have found that doing and saying all this goes a long way in encouraging the kids to behave well. Thus, thankfully, the kids have more good days than bad days.

But sharing has always been particular tough. Short of buying every child the same item, there is no way of getting around it. Three sets of everything?! That's just a waste of money.So inevitably, one day, I heard Isaac say: "Why must I always share with Asher & Shawna?" Usually we'd give him the "Because they are your brother and sister." spiel. But I don't think he really buys that, and so now and then, he would still repeat his question in frustration.
Ring a round of roses, pocket full of posies,
Asher, Asher, we all fall down!
One day, after I picked the kids up from school, and Isaac was telling me about his day in school. I can't quite recall, but we must have just spoken about sharing when...

Isaac:" Mummy, you know this Morton, he very lucky you know, he says he doesn't -"

Somehow when he said that, I knew immediately what he was going to say. I knew that Morton (name's changed to protect identity of innocent little boy!) was a single child (his parents married late). So I somehow just KNEW that Isaac was going to tell me that Morton was sooo lucky that he didn't need to share his toys with anyone... So I quickly interrupted him -

Mummy:" Oh, yah, Morton, he doesn't have to share his toys with anyone, is it?
Isaac:" Yah!!!"
Mummy:" Yes, yes" I said in a very sad voice "So poor thing, isn't he?"
Isaac:" Huh? Poor thing?"
Mummy: "Yah, so poor thing. He has no one to share his toys with... coz he has no brothers and sisters. Toys are more fun when you have someone to play them with, right?"
Isaac nodded, still a bit stunned on why I said his best friend was "poor thing"
Mummy:"Yes, so you are very lucky Isaac, that you have Asher and Shawna. Because you have Asher and Shawna, you have someone to play with from the moment you wake up, right up to the minute you fall alseep at night. You three are always playing and having fun, all day! But Morton? So poor thing; he only has his toys to play with. But no one to play with him. So poor thing, right?"
Isaac nodded. His eyes widened infinitesimally as the truth of what I said sunk in...

Mummy:"So, yes, he is lucky he doesn't need to share. But that is because he has no one to share with. You are lucky you have someone to share with, to play with, to laugh with, to have fun with. Isn't that great?"

Isaac nodded, and was quiet,  lost in his thoughts after that conversation. Since this exchange happen a few months ago, Isaac has not asked his "Why must I always share with Asher & Shawna?" question as much as he did before. And occasionally, he even turns to me and says:"Mummy, I am so lucky to have Asher and Shawna so that we can play together, right?" "Yes, Isaac, that's right :)"
Sasuke Singapore down under!

I was talking to a friend of ours who is a trained psychologist. Her daughter used to be classmates with Isaac, and we had grown close over the years. Her reaction to this story:"Hahaha very good! You re-framed it! Well done!" Ah! I didn't know there was actually a clinical term for this! Cool!

So this morning, I was really this excellent post on the Scissors Paper Stone Blog, and it reminded me that I had to write this post! :) Hop on over to read the post that prompted this post!

Oh wait, first, I must put in my disclaimers. I am in no way passing any judgement on people who choose to have only one child... I was just trying to present the situation to Isaac in the best possible light for his own csituation... Besides, not everyone who has only one child has one child out of choice. And even if they do, I am sure they have their own reasons for it.


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