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MMMM: School Memories!

Monday Movies Music Memories: School Memories!

Some of my earliest music memories are school related. Like this first one, a very catchy number: The Twist by Chubby Checkers

We had to learn this mass dance, that involves said twisting (obviously) when we were in Primary 3. Before you ask, no, I can't recall the dance steps at all - except for the twisting action of the ball of the foot grinding into the floor. I just have this vague impression of us practicing it during P.E. lessons, and finally when it was performed on the school field, en masse. Think it was Sports Day, maybe? 

And this other music memory was from Primary 6...

Before then, the song Vogue by Madonna didn't exactly catch my attention nor my fancy. But after that school camp, I forever had strong memories associated with this song.  It was a school camp, I believe. And each class was tasked to come up with a dance/skit to perform in front of the cohort during the ... campfire? I don't recall any fire. Hmmm... I remember it was performed in the hall, on stage. 

There weren't many people who actually did the dancing, just 6 girls, if I recall correctly. (It was a girls' school). They stood in a triangular formation, and did all these cool dance moves. Now that I see the music video (my first time seeing it!), I can definitely see where the inspiration for the dance moves came from. But still, it took a good bit of choreographing and improvisation to produce a very classy and cool dance without being too risque for 12 year olds. I remember being very proud of our class event and of my classmates who were in the dance. Me? No no, I wasn't dancing. I had the very important task of playing (and rewinding) the tape recorder during their practice dances, which would explain why I remember the song very well now, given the number of times I heard it then...

Looking back, I am amazed that we were as organised as we were, to come up with a dance at such short notice, rehearsed, and presented. In secondary school, we also had class items we had to put up, and I even recall writing the script for one of them, and directing it (it got me out of the actual performance) - it created quite a stir - mainly coz I put a toilet bowl on stage (it was a commode, masquerading as a toilet bowl). Hmmm... I must go see if I still have that script...

But I digress, what I wanted to say was... it was fun. I had lots of fun doing all these class items/dances/skits/performances, whatever. I had always taken it for granted that it was required of all school students, no matter which school they were in. However, there was a CCA campfire we were  (through hubbs') invited to attend, that had students from many schools in attendance. And they were supposed to put up an event per group. I was looking forward to see the items... But when the kids (secondary school kids) put on their items, I was aghast! The performances were ill conceived and badly executed. I was shocked. I told hubbs what I thought of it and his comment was:"You were in a good school last time." I was like:"Huh, that makes a difference meh?". But, according to him, it apparently does.*flummoxed*

Oh I have another music memory! This one from secondary school!

Crazy Little Thing Called Love by Queen. This was when I was in Sec 2. It was an event that the club I was in ELDDS contributed for one of the school celebration concerts. Think it was some anniversary of the school or something, so it was held in Kallang Theatre iirc. This one I danced in. But I was just one of the minions. Who danced a step wrong in the finale move. Which caused my entire class to burst out in laughter - cause it was obvious that I made a mistake. Thankfully my class was seated so far away from the stage that no one really noticed (except me.) Thank God for small favours (and big ones too!).

Anyhoooos... moving on... what about you? What school music memories do YOU have? :)

By the way,  if you're from my primary school - you know who you are, girls!!! - please make a comment and fill in my memory blanks with more information!!! :)

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