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Thursday Trivia: What's our favourite colours?

This week, on Thursday Trivia, we're doing some Tan Family Trivia! Colours are a very personal thing. Different people like different colours, and there's really no explaining why. It's one of those things in the universe that you can't really explain. It is really quite individualistic. Do you know what our favourite colours are? :)
Isaac @ 4 years 8 months, circa April 2012
Isaac didn't really have a favourite colour till he was about 4 years old. Red was a clear favourite. He was very vocal about it and would consistently choose items that were red in colour, if he were given a choice. Sometimes he would come back from school and tell me how upset he was that he didn't get to get the red piece of paper to do his artwork on coz a classmate had already taken it. He was seriously into red.

Then toward the end of his 4th year, he started to say that he liked the colour blue too. That when he was 5 years old, he would like blue, that blue would be his favourite colour.  Red was his 4 year old favourite colour, he said. Blue was 5 years old favourite colour. He seemed to think that you had to change a favourite colour every year. Later, I found out that one of his friends had a change in favourite colour, so maybe that prompted this about. So I explained to him that, yes, he could change his favourite colour if he wanted. but also that it was okay to be 5 years old and still like red. "See, Papa, so old also still like red. It's okay." I told him. 

After awhile he stopped harping on his change of favourite colour. And it was clear to us all that his favourite was still red. However, now, whenever he is choosing something and red is not available, he would say "Okay, I like blue too." so that's good. At least he has a second backup choice, and won't throw a fit over not being able to get something in red. I remember how he used to do that, and my sister, trying to coax him out of his tantrum would say to him "You don't need to have everything in your favourite colour red. You like to eat chicken rice right? But it is not red, right?" 

Hmmm... he likes to eat char siew rice even more than chicken rice nowadays...
Asher @ almost 2 years old, circa December 2012
This Incredible Hulk above, is our dear Asher. Guess what his favourite colour is? That's right! It is green! Asher is amazing. Even before he turned 1 year old, he liked green. He luurrves green. No, wait a minute. Isaac lurrves red, Asher, he is obsessed with the colour green. He likes it so much that he wants everything in green. Everything. He's worse than Isaac in his colour obsession. And it's really inexplicable that he likes green coz he is not exposed to it at all. Neither hubbs nor I have a preference for the colour green, and neither does Isaac. As a result, almost none of Isaac's clothes (which get passed on to Asher), is green. 

So poor Asher, who loves green, didn't have any clothes that were green. AT ALL. None of his clothes, toys, bags, shoes, whatever, were green at all. So, whenever I buy anything new for Asher, it'd definitely be green. And he loves them. When I was printing out masks to make for the kids' Halloween costumes last year, I just searched for green characters for Asher. Think I had Incredible Hulk, Shrek and Oscar the Grouch - he chose the Incredible Hulk. He loves that mask and still plays with it constantly, to this day.

When he was younger (than 3 years old), this green preference of his proved to be a big problem when we played boardgames with the kidzes. Coz Asher would just take the green components and run off with them! He refused to let us play the game properly coz he insisted on holding on to those pieces, or cards, that were green in colour. Thankfully he has outgrown doing that, and now allows us to play the game in peace without kidnapping any of the game bits.

Shawna @ almost 3 years old circa December 2012
What really amazed us about Asher and his green obsession is that he developed it at such an early age! Before 1 year old! We wouldn't have believed it if it didn't happen to our own son! Now, Shawna doesn't have any clear favourite colour yet. Generally, she likes and is okay with pink, yellow, red, purple... But I feel she has no clear favourite. Not yet.

My theory as to why she currently likes those colours is coz that is what the colours of her clothes and stuff usually are. Whenever people get the twins anything, they usually buy blue and pink: blue for Asher the boy twin, and pink for Shawna the girl twin. Clothes for girls at this age tend to be generally all pink in colour too. My sister has three girls, Rebecca, Isabelle and Natalie, with Natalie the youngest being the same age as Isaac. And Natalie's favourite colour is yellow. So lots of the girls clothes, bags, shoes and stuff that gets passed to us for Shawna... is pink and yellow. So! My guess is, that Shawna has come to associate the colours pink, yellow, purple, sometimes red, as HER stuff. Not so much as that those are her favourite colours. 

If you ask her "What's your favourite colour, Shawna?" She will usually have to think for awhile... before she answers. And sometimes she says yellow, sometimes pink, sometimes purple. Often, I notice that she will pick up on a suggestion that the person questioning her proposes. Like:
"What's your favourite colour, Shawna?" 
"Erm... let me think..."
"Is it yellow?"
"Yes! Yellow!"

I have heard that same conversation in the colours pink and purple too. Hence my conclusion above. :p  It'd be interesting to see what she eventually chooses to be her favourite colour. Or maybe, she never will.

And what about hubbs and I?

Hubbs likes red. Clearly. Like Isaac, yes. When we only had Isaac, before we had the twins, I used to be convinced that the reason why Isaac liked red, is coz hubbs likes the colour too. So yes, hubbs would have lots of red tees that he wears. His road bike is red and he would have no qualms with carrying a red water bottle or something.

As for me... when I was a child, my favourite colour was blue. Right now, one of my favourite colours is black. Black started to overtake blue as a favourite colour when I was in late primary school, secondary school time. Black = Gothic ya know, and back then, and to me now, actually, Gothic's kinda cool. More than half my wardrobe is black - as most of you would attest to. Black makes me look slimmer!!! See this picture above!? (Well yes, it helps that hubbs is blocking me with his body... but still...).

But being sentimental me, I have a secondary school best friend whose favourite colour is maroon. And because of that, I started to like the colour maroon since secondary school days. Now, decades on, maroon is one of my favourite colours too. It is my favourite shade of red. So when we got married and was thinking of a dark shade of colour to paint the wall of our home theatre - I suggested maroon. And since hubbs liked red, maroon was fine with him. We even have our curtains done in maroon. My sister even said to me:"Considering you practically hated the colour red when you were young, it's quite ironic that so much of your house is in red!" "Maroon!" I said "There is a difference :p"

Just the other day, we were driving home from school when 
Isaac:"Look Mummy! There's a maroon coloured car!"
Me:" Yes, it is."
Isaac:"Hey! That's your favourite colour, right? Maroon?"
Me:"Yes, that's right! You remembered!"
I'd been trying to teach him the proper names of different colours like cyan, maroon, vermillion... I was pleased he remembered the colour maroon, and that it was my favourite colour :)

What are YOUR favourite colours? :)

Trivia Thursday
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  1. Haha! My Jay loves red (like me!) and Xav also is pretty blase about his fave colours - but as with a younger sibling, he is content to follow his older bro! Haha!

  2. Before I clicked on the link, I thought you were going to say your fav colours are red and blue - spidy colours! Haha. How old is Asher again? Noey went through a phase where his fav colour was green and I have quite a few green clothes for him. Asher can have them if they fit! Right now Noey's fav colour is, err, pink. Mainly cos Naomi has declared it her fav and you know, they have to have something to fight over!

  3. when I ask about the children's fave colour, Shawna will always answer, "I like yeyyow, teacher Gillian" and asher will stick to his green :)


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