Thursday, 23 May 2013

Hokkaido Cup Cakes @ Munch Ministry

Remember when I had my last make-up adventure? No, it was real! Me, ol' tomboy Pamela, actually willingly signed up for a class to teach me how to put on make up! And this time, I signed up for a baking class! Wonders never cease, eh!
Baker Pam in action! I am whisking real batter - this is not a posed picture with nothing in the bowl, okay?!
Photo courtesy of my bake partner Evelyn of :)
I like baking actually. I remember fondly the days in secondary school when we learnt to bake in Home Economics class. During the school holidays, my friends and I would even have gatherings where they would come to my home and we would spend the whole day baking, and watching dvd movies. It was hilarious - there'd be like 10 of us, baking one cake or two batches of cookies - because we didn't have any electric blenders, so we would manually pix the ingredients and would tire quickly. So we would pass the bowl around and everyone chipped in with whatever muscles they had! Ah I miss those days! 

So when Munch Ministry agreed to host us for a class of baking Hokkaido Chiffon Cupcakes as part of the Singapore Mom Bloggers (SMB) first birthday celebration - I jumped at the chance to go baking with my blogging buddies.

The baking session was held at the newly renovated Civil Service Club at Tessensohn Road. I loved the venue. It was centrally located, and the parking was ample on the weekday morning when we were there. Apparently, Munch Ministry has a tie up with the Civil Service Club to provide baking classes there, which I thought was great! The place was very clean, and had electronic blenders (Kitchen Aids, I think they were called), ovens, sinks ... it was just like my Homec class all over again, but 100 times better equipped! I didn't have to bring anything at all when I went for class - only the empty containers that I was going to bring home my bake goods in!

Pauline and Louisa of Munch Ministry were there to teach us, guide us and help save our mistakes if (or when!) we made any. The recipe was provided, and instructions were clear and easy to understand, such that even I (who hasn't baked in at least a decade) had no trouble following. It helped that I had Evelyn, my bake partner, to bake with. She was no expert either, but it was like at least I wasn't in this alone to sink or swim - I had a partner to help and be helped! Teamwork's always best, as I often tell the kidzes! :)

There we did it! We were supposed to bring it home and refrigerate it coz these were meant to be eaten chilled... but I couldn't resist! They smelled so heavenly that I simply had to try one of the cakes right there and then. And it was quite delicious indeed!

Apparently Munch Ministry can host a party or organise a team building event... Hmmm, this would be a great activity for all my cousins and aunts, if they want to attend a bake class together! That'd be fun!!! I'm gonna contact Munch Ministry soon to find out more! :)



  1. I love that first pic of you surrounded by bowls! Haha. Very professh!

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