Monday, 13 May 2013

My Birthday Notes This Year

My birthday falls on the 12th of May and it so happens this year that it falls on the second Sunday of May, which is Mother's Day. But that's not all that is unique about my birthday this year... Despite Facebook having been around for a few years now, it is interesting that this year, I got 3 lengthy birthday notes, in addition to the approximately 100 happy birthday wishes that friends and relatives have dropped on my Facebook Wall. I loved them so much, that I'm going to put them on my blog, so that I can always look back and read it instead of having it lost in Facebook.

From my dear Cousin James:
Happy Birthday couz and Happi Mother's Day too!! Thank you for joining me in my crusade to charting our family history and sharing my passion on writing, blogging and developing closer relationships with our families. You're a great mother! Matthew and you are such great modern parents and your kids are so lucky to have loving accepting parents! May you have an absolutely glorious day filled with love and kisses and a healthy, prosperous year ahead! 

Thank you, James! It's my pleasure to be able to be with you on this journey of using the written word, and technology, to help chronicle our family's past, present and future! Thank you for your compliments and well wishes! ;)

From my dear Uncle Dave, who is my Sui Ku (my mother's youngest brother)
Hi Yew Mei,
Today is your responsibility to receive all good wishes bestow upon you. In God's grace and wellness, you are bound into both 'The Tan & The Lee' family. You have placed yourself in a minority role as to get involved in whatever and whenever you can, on all activities or occasions, but that doesn't mean it went unnoticed.
I need not have to elaborate much, but I know and I dare say, for those who knows you, couldn't agree more. You're blessed with a loving husband and adorable children. This is His gift to you. May you have many many many good things coming, in whatever you do and wish for. 
Love, Sui Ku. "Happy Birthday"
PS. Do me this favour, give your mum (my sister), a hug and a peg on my behalf. Thank You.

Thanks, Sui Ku! Hehehe thanks for noticing whatever it is you do! haha and also, I totally agree! My husband and children and loving family like the Tan and the Lee families are the best birthday gifts I have! :)
And most of all...
Pamela & Petrina - when we both could fit in one bath tub! :p
From my one and only, dear sister Petrina
Dear Pam,

We grew up fighting a lot and our main source of entertainment back then must have been to see who can irritate the other party more. The car rides were the worst, with Daddy invariably turning back and pinching us to get us to stop. Haha...I am probably suffering the retribution for that now with my girls.

But as we grew older, we have become so much closer, esp after we both have kids. Sharing experiences about our kids, marriage, jobs - has tighten our bonds. I am especially grateful for the efforts you take in bringing your kids over to my place so that we can all spend time together.
I have also seen you blossom from a lizard/ant collecting tomboy to a wonderful, patient and fun mother. I am also proud that you have followed your passion and stayed true to yourself in all you do. You are an inspiration to those you meet.

Thank you for being a big part of my life, and for being my sister. Happy birthday little sis. Don't think i have said this so here it goes 'Love you'.

See, when you do this to your baby sister - she take the next 20 years to take revenge... :p
Thanks, Jie. This means a lot to me.

I still remember climbing on you and punching you when you irritated me. And how I cornered you with my arms coz I was trying to share my chicken pox germs with you (it was for your own good, you know).  I am also having my retribution now coz Shawna's EXACTLY like me in almost every way. I shudder when I think of my puberty years, and I am hoping that my efforts with the kids now will alleviate the growing pains in their teens. Whether that works remains to be seen! :p

Yes, we have come a long way, haven't we? :) I pinpoint Rebecca's birth as the start of it all :) thank you for always welcoming us over whenever and even at short notice and always cooking for us and baking all the wonderful treats. I always look forward to meals at your place for both the food and company and the kids love going over too. 

Thank you for being my sister. If I could choose who would be my sister, I'd still choose you. I have never said this too... I love you :) 


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  1. You are most welcome Pam.

    I Ioved reading the stories that Petrina said! I had no idea of the pinching! So funny! My bro and I have slapping fights.

    Uncle Dave is definitely coming out of his shell too.

    You are a most precious cousin. Love you too! Going to share this comment on FB too!


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