Thursday, 9 May 2013

Style Essence adventure!

How do you define "adventure"? Venturing into the unknown? Doing something that you don't often do?  Well that's kinda how I define "adventure" - so guess what?  I had a Style Essence adventure!  

We Singapore Mom Bloggers are celebrating our birthday you see - we are one year old! :) we've come a long way in this one year... As such we are celebrating our birthday with a series of cool activities for us mommies starting with the Style Essence workshop. 

So what is this Style Essence workshop? It's a workshop to teach us how to look good. Literally, that's what they tell us. But I understood that one of the things they'd teach us was the basics to applying make-up... and so I thought to myself "Perhaps it's time I learn about this!" For those of you who know me, I'm the sort that never puts on make-up unless I absolutely have to. Or when someone else puts it on for me :p

And thus, with other moms from our Singapore Mom Bloggers group, we went for this sponsored event... and had a great time. Our trainer was Florinda Tay, Creative Director and Founder of Style Essence. She was also one of our fellow mom bloggers. That evening, she taught us many things. I found it useful to learn how to identify our body shape, the corresponding type of clothes we should dress in, and also about colours we should or shouldn't wear. Very interesting!

It kinda reminded me of those basic deportment classes at Shatec that they made us attend when we were in secondary school? But it was fun, and a nice refresher. So after all the talk on shapes and colour , came the part I was terrified of: putting on make-up!!! But first, they got us to clean our face and apply a mask. The products we used were all Mary Kay products that Style Essence was retailing and distributing. For a greenhorn like me, I was pleased that the mask was easy to use: Just wash your face, apply the mask, wait awhile, and clean it off! Tadah! I had nice skin as smooth as Shawna's! :)

That was the easy part - then came my nightmare! Applying make-up!!! Florinda taught us, demo-ed a bit, but we were left to our own to gain some on-the-job training. I wasn't used to it, so I had to ask for a little assistance. Also, I wasn't comfortable with having too much make-up on, so I went pretty easy on putting on the stuff.They even took "Before" and "After" shots to enter us into the Mary Kay Singapore makeover contest. Gosh! Let it never be said that I have never gone for a makeover!!!:p Though seriously, I like the picture of me on the extreme left below, that the extreme right one hehehehe...

I learned a lot that evening, and even got a chance to use some wonderful products. But wearing make-up... is just not my cup of tea. Though I must admit I did like the eye-liner very much (I do quite like the gothic look hehehe). So, I may start using that. I'd see. But overall, I had a great time and would highly recommend Florinda and her Style Essence team for conducting workshops of this nature. 

So that was my Style Essence adventure. I think you'd agree that it was certainly something out of the ordinary for me. But hey! That's what mixing around with a bunch of great mummies do to you! Stay tuned for my next adventure with the Singapore Mom Bloggers! :) Eye candy for you below!!!!


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