Friday, 28 June 2013

5 signs that we are Gold 90 FM fans

Week in, week out, when I drive the kidzes to and from childcare, I would play the radio in the car. And if I were the one driving, the radio would definitely be tuned in to Gold 90.5 FM. Definitely. Over the years, my favourite radio station has changed. When I was a teenager, my favourite station was 98.7 FM (Say it With Music with Vernetta Lopez!!!). When I was a young adult, my station of choice was Class 95 FM (Morning Breakfast show with Joe Augustin and the Flying Dutchman!). But now, for more than 5 years now, my favourite station is Gold 90.5 FM with Vernetta Lopez, Joe Augustin, Maggie Lim and Tim Oh! Hmmm... notice how some things never change? Frankly, the music's not much different either. We've just moved with the stations is all. The music that is playing on Gold 90.5 FM now is a combination of all the music I used to listen to when I was listening to Class 95 and 98.7!

Today, I just found out that tonight's Maggie's last day on the station! :( Sad! I love listening to Maggie from way back when she was doing the morning show with Hamish Brown (was it?) and then with Hossan Leong, and on the Homestretch with Tim Oh! And now "she's moving on to other stuff" said Vern this morning (Geez, how vague can you get, V?! ;p )

So! To bid Maggie a good fare thee well with many well wishes for her future endeavours, here are 5 signs that obviously show that, in addition to me, the Tan Family Kidzesare Gold 90.5 FM fans too!

NUMBER ONE : Birthday Song

This is how the kids sing birthday songs nowadays...

Happy Birthday to You , Happy Birthday to Yo
Happy Birthday to You  and you and You and You....
Happy Birthday to You, YOU'RE VERY OLD!!!!

NUMBER TWO: The Gold 90.5 FM jingle

The kids can sing the station jingle. Not only that. Nowadays, when they listen to the radio, they will ask me: "Mummy, why the radio never sing Gold 90 efffff emmmmmm....?" And the they would sing the last part of the question in the jingle style... They especially love to ask this question when hubbs is driving... for more often than not, I would reply "Er... coz this is 958???" To which they would reply: "But we want GOLD 90 EFFFF EMMM!!!"

NUMBER THREE: Contest & Short Story!

Every morning, I would use the Harvey Norman Contest to herd the kidzes out of the house coz Isaac loves the contest and wants to listen to it every morning. So every morning, I would go "Quick let's go!!! If not kor kor will miss his Contest!!!" When it comes on, Shawna would say to Isaac: "Kor kor, your Contest start already!!!" Isaac would listen carefully and he would usually be able to answer the first two questions correctly (coz if you listen carefully, you should get these two right! ;p ). And he would excitedly listen for the total tally of how much each morning's contestant has won.

Isaac also loves Tim and Maggie's A Very Short Story. When it comes on, he'd say to his brother and sister "Shhh shhhh shhh! Got story!!!"

NUMBER FOUR: Advertisements

The children start singing the advertisements to themselves... 

One time, I heard Asher say to himself:"Save me! Save Me!" *giggle*giggle* "Protect Me! Protect Me!" *giggle*giggle* "Save Me AGAIN!" *giggle*giggle*

NUMBER FIVE: Isaac knows the deejays' names!
The first deejay's names Isaac knew was Tim and Maggie, for we often listen to them on the Homestretch. He'd listen to them when they say something and he'd laugh and tell me "Mummy, Tim and Maggie say..."  For some reason, he never knew Vernetta and Joe's names until...

One morning, I woke up at 5am to work on the computer for My First Games, my online boardgames business... Isaac woke up at about 7am and came looking for me. He heard the radio playing and Joe and Vern were speaking, so he said

Isaac: "Is that Tim and Maggie?"
Me:" Hahaha... Tim and Maggie is on when we come home from school, darling. This is Joe & Vern. Joe Augustin and Vernetta Lopez."
Isaac:" Huh!? How come you didn't tell me their names?!"
Me:" Well, now you know!"

Now, every other morning, Isaac would say to me "Mummy, that's Joe & Vernetta, right?" 

Well, now it seems that there would be new names for the Homestretch from next week onwards. Have a good one Maggie! Thanks for all the good times you've given us on Gold 90 effff emmm!!! :)

Thursday, 27 June 2013

A Mummy By Any Other Name

Sorry for disappearing on you! We've been busy with My First Games. Being a full time Mumpreneur is no laughing matter! It's downright tiring! But more on that another time! Today, let's talk about Shawna and what she calls me! :)

Generally, the kidzes all call me Mummy. Occassionally, when they speak in Mandarin, they call me Mama (in the Chinese way). But sometimes, they drop the Chinese intonation and just call me Mama in the anglicised way.

Some months ago, Shawna started calling me Mum. No, wait, actually, she calls me MUM! Yes, in caps with exclamation mark! That's the funny part. Coz she didn't simply switch to calling me Mum all the time. She still calls me Mummy, or Mama, but sometimes: MUM!

That's how she says it. She half shouts it out, short and sharp: MUM! As you might have guessed, she uses this particular form of endearment when she wants to catch my attention urgently - usually when she is interrupting Isaac kor kor who is speaking with me... Or when, I am distracted with something else and she just wants my attention.

It's very amusing to hear it though. We always laugh when she says it. It's also interesting how Shawna can call me Mummy, Mama, and Mum all in one conversation.

Lately, Shawna has learnt that my name is Pamela.

So, in the past it used to be...

Me: "What's my name?"
Shawna: "Mummy!"

A few days ago...
Me:"What's my name?"
Me:"Hahaha... call me Mum, Shawna."
Me:"hahaha... I love you, Shawna!"
Shawna:"I love you, Pamela!"

LOL! I love you too, Shawna! :)

Trick Trivia question this will be! :)


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