Thursday, 27 June 2013

A Mummy By Any Other Name

Sorry for disappearing on you! We've been busy with My First Games. Being a full time Mumpreneur is no laughing matter! It's downright tiring! But more on that another time! Today, let's talk about Shawna and what she calls me! :)

Generally, the kidzes all call me Mummy. Occassionally, when they speak in Mandarin, they call me Mama (in the Chinese way). But sometimes, they drop the Chinese intonation and just call me Mama in the anglicised way.

Some months ago, Shawna started calling me Mum. No, wait, actually, she calls me MUM! Yes, in caps with exclamation mark! That's the funny part. Coz she didn't simply switch to calling me Mum all the time. She still calls me Mummy, or Mama, but sometimes: MUM!

That's how she says it. She half shouts it out, short and sharp: MUM! As you might have guessed, she uses this particular form of endearment when she wants to catch my attention urgently - usually when she is interrupting Isaac kor kor who is speaking with me... Or when, I am distracted with something else and she just wants my attention.

It's very amusing to hear it though. We always laugh when she says it. It's also interesting how Shawna can call me Mummy, Mama, and Mum all in one conversation.

Lately, Shawna has learnt that my name is Pamela.

So, in the past it used to be...

Me: "What's my name?"
Shawna: "Mummy!"

A few days ago...
Me:"What's my name?"
Me:"Hahaha... call me Mum, Shawna."
Me:"hahaha... I love you, Shawna!"
Shawna:"I love you, Pamela!"

LOL! I love you too, Shawna! :)

Trick Trivia question this will be! :)


  1. Calling "MUM" makes her sound waaaaaay cooler ;)


  2. aiyo, so sweet! thaddeus took his own sweet time to call me. he could address his dad, his grandparents, great-grandparents, etc but deliberately not call me. it was until he was 2 when he generously decided to call me marmeeeee! now that we are watching Peppa Pig, i always ask him to call me Mommy with a British accent. Hah!

  3. Aww, cute! Naomi loves to both D and me by our names too actually! She's very cheeky that way.


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