Friday, 12 July 2013

The Things That Matter

Shawna & Asher having fun on a Sunday morning
For those of you who have kids. You know how they are - every minute of play time is precious. Schedules don't matter.  They live in that minute, that second. If they feel like doing some painting, they want to do it now. Who cares if it is 10pm on a weekday night. Not them. 

This is why you would find us all downstairs on our bike /scooter /inline skates as early as 8am on some weekend mornings. The kids want to play and they want to play NOW. Who cares if Mummy and Daddy hasn't had breakfast yet? Well the people with the said empty stomachs do. So we compromise - we cycle/ride/skate to the coffee shop for breakfast. The kids are easy that way, they are quite agreeable to our compromises. Or we could have become experts in making such compromises in this past 6 years as parents.
Shawna is as swift as a swallow on her skate scooter - say that three times in a row!
In any case, it is with growling tummies and restless kids that we quickly ready the kids to leave the house in a jiffy. We get the water bottles, hustle the kids to go pee before we go, and we're out. The twins are being toilet trained and so they're wearing pull-up diaper pants, the DryPantz, which we're trying for the very first time. So far, it has been a great experience. It serves its basic function of holding pee and poo well - these are basics that can't be compromised. But most diapers serve their basic function well, so it is the other things that will make the difference. For example, I am happy that I no longer have to waste time arguing with Shawna  which side the diaper faces coz the word Back is clearly marked on the diaper.  With our previous brand, she used to argue with me that the picture should be in the front instead of on the butt... *roll*eye*
Asher is as happy as a lark!
I used to have a problem with buying diapers... Perhaps it is unique to parents us like who have twins. But then again, I hear of parents with kids who are close in age complain as well - having to buy diapers in different sizes! Oh woe! It is tough to bulk buy (to save time and money!) when you need three different sizes?! (Isaac was still wearing diapers at night last year).

It may not be so obvious from the pix in this post but Asher is very very slim and hipless whereas Shawna is already showing the foundations of my wide hips and thunder thighs (Mummy is so sorry,  Shawna!). Thus, strictly speaking, when we were using the previous brand of diapers, we should buy them both different sizes. But it was such a hassle to do so! After awhile, we just gave up and made them wear the same sized pull up pants diapers. I thought it wouldn't make much of a difference.

But there was a difference. With the previous brand of diapers we used, the XLs were a tad too tight for Shawna and yet slightly too loose for Asher and his ultra slim figure.But somehow Drypantz's XL size cutting could stay up on Asher, and yet wasn't too tight for Shawna. Ever since she was on Drypantz, Shawna no longer comes to me, showing me the red marks that the diaper elastic makes at her waist.... Nor is it totally necessary for Asher to have to wear tight fitting underwear so that his diapers won't droop and eventually drop off his ultra slim hips. At last, I didn't have to waste time on diaper issues that were trivial, yet not unimportant. Yay!  More time for the things that matter! Hurrah! :)

Bye Mummy, we're going to play now!
Disclaimer! We were provided with  four packs of Drypantz in XL size for our use in exchange for this user experience post. All opinions and reactions are completely mine and the kids. To be honest. I would never have tried out Drypantz if I wasn't presented with this chance. I was too used to using the other brand of diapers for the past 6 years to want to change. I had convinced myself that any issues were minor inconveniences, since the diapers performed their primary function of holding pee and poo well. However, I am glad this happened :) Would you like a sample as well? Hop on over to Drypers Singapore Facebook Page to request for a free sample now! :) Give it a try!


  1. Love the photos! And yes, I totally relate to your 1st paragraph :)


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