Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Isaac's doodles - show and tell!

In the children's childcare centre, the teachers often give the children paper to draw on while waiting for us parents to come get them. Thus, in the past few years, I often find many pieces of paper with Isaac's doodles in his bag. Asher & Shawna are still at the age where they aren't really able to draw something recognisable, but Isaac's drawings has progressed to the stage where he can do so.
The Christmas day drawing on the left, that he talks about in the viddeo. And the X-Men drawing on the right. See Wolverine's three claws?! See how Cyclops' eye power zaps the "Bad Girl Wolverine"?! Fierce ah!!! Storm looks happy in the sky though! Amongst the clouds she must be! :p"
Being a mummy brings out the hoarder in me, and I just couldn't bear to throw his drawings away. Thus, I started to collect them and bind them by the year, into a booklet. I also did that for the twins artwork that they bring back from school. Such a waste to throw them away, I thought. I tried to curb my extreme hoarder instinct by forcing myself to throw some of the art or craftwork that was too difficult to keep - like too three dimensional or had organic material like beans that I was afraid would grow mouldy in time.
I like the speech bubbles on the drawing on the left. Think it's some car chase or something! Big race on the right side drawing too!
And then I also had the idea to start taking videos of Isaac talking about his drawings - I thought this would be a good way to expose him to give him experience of presenting his work to others. Heard they have to do Show & Tell in primary school, so why not have some practice eh? Besides, I think the kids are still at a pretty cute age and I want to take videos of them talking and such... before they get too self-conscious about it - which reminds me, I must take more videos of them!

Yes, that's Batman flying through the night sky... hur hur hur... And on the right hand side - My Little Pony(s) apparently! One of Isaac's classmates at that point in time really liked My Little Pony and must have really gone on about it to Isaac.
Without further ado, let us welcome Isaac and Asher with Isaac's drawings! :)

If you're wondering why the boys are "slanging" - I'm not sure either. Perhaps they perceive that as The Presentation Voice or tone to adopt.
Love the drawing of Earth near the bottom left of the left picture! :) On the right hand side, Isaac draws a Zoo. I remember him being fixated on drawing Zoos for a period of time.


  1. This is a good idea! I always feel like a hoarder keeping of Sophie's drawing, colouring, etc. much to the dissapproval of my hubby.

    1. Haha yeah! I actually ran by my idea with the hubbs and he agreed that it's a good idea. He also doesn't like me to hoard, but we kinda strike a balance by throwing away the ones that are too 3-D and difficult to keep. Also, I was more selective, like those doodles with no visible picture, I just throw. Keep the nice ones! One year keep 10 pieces, before she go P1, you'd have one booklet of 40 pages or so? Very manageable! :)

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  3. Binding them into books is such a great idea! I've been throwing lots away. oops. Show and tell is a great way to build confidence and vocab! They do this at Abrakadoodle - one of the features I really like about the art school :)


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