Friday, 27 September 2013

Make-Your-Own-Camera Today!

You know how I enjoy making stuff? I do enjoy the process of making toys for the kids out of recycled materials. Not only do we save money from buying toys for the kids, we also get a art & craft session out of it, which the kids totally enjoy. Also, having made the item, the kids usually treasure their hard work and actually take pretty good care of it. It is also a lesson on being thrifty, on making the best of what we have.

We do not have a habit of frequenting shopping centres, but even then, on the rare occasions that we do go to the shops, the kids will sometimes ask if they can buy something which they see. My reply is often "We don't need it." and quickly herd them away. 

Nowadays, I don't even need to say anything... 
Shawna speaks for me "We don't need it, right, Mummy?" 
"That's right!" I say, beaming ear to ear.
Isaac:"I have a great idea! Why don't we make it?!"
Asher:"And we can paint it!"
Proud mummy me:"Yes, we can!"

And the best part about making stuff is, every child can make one. We can't and won't buy the same toy for every child. It's an extravagance that we should not indulge in even if we could afford it. To us, lessons on being thrifty and being innovative and creative are more valuable than money can buy.
So that's all you need. Some cardboard (dimensions in picture above), a toilet roll, a pen knife, some duct tape to tape the ends of the camera together, and some string for the neck strap. If you're wondering where I got my lovely thick golden string for the neck strap - they are salvaged from paper bags' handles! :) I can honestly say these DIY Cardboard Cameras cost me less than a dollar to make! :)

Try it! And when it gets played till it's in bad shape, just trash it and make another one!

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  1. I LOVE this! Thanks for providing the dimensions! I made a pair of binoculars out of two toilet rolls for Bubbles some time ago. She had fun with it, and I think this camera will be a hit! May also provide a small stack of papers and markers for her to 'produce' her photographs ;)


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