Friday, 31 January 2014

Day 1: Prayers for the Dearly Departed

Today is the first day of the Chinese New Year. Traditionally, Chinese New Year is a time of celebration, good cheer, fun and games, and meeting up with friends and relatives. However, sometimes, there are instances and circumstances when you are not "allowed" to celebrate, or rather, you may not want to celebrate, or even feel like celebrating...  

This year, for the 15 Days of Chinese New Year, we here at the Tan Family Chronicles will say a daily prayer for those around us who, despite the festive season, may not be in the mood to celebrate at all. And also for those of us, who would appreciate the prayers we have for them.

It really doesn't matter to us if you're not Christian Catholics like we are. Prayers are prayers, even if you pray to your own God, just as we pray to ours. Prayers and love have no boundaries. Join us to give prayers to those around us.
Day 1: Prayers for the Dearly Departed

We would like to pray for the dearly departed. 

For the recently departed, we pray that you have gone on peacefully. Know that we miss you and we wish we had gotten a chance to spend more time with you. We wished that you would have been with us now to celebrate Chinese New Year, but we know that you are having even more magnificent celebrations now in heaven. 

For our loved ones who have long departed us... Know that we miss you and we think of you, and that we will always have you in our hearts.

Pray with us.

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