Monday, 3 February 2014

Day 4: Prayers for Children to Be Well

Whatever your religion, the Tan Family Chronicles invites you to Pray With Us

Day 1: Prayers for the Dearly Departed

Day 2: Prayers for the Littlest Ones We Never Got to Know

Day 3: Prayers for Those Here, But Not Present

Day 4: Prayers for Children to Be Well

Originally, I wrote "Day 4: Prayers for Children Who Are Sick" - but it didn't sound quite right. No, we want to pray for all children, to be well. Before we became parents, we hardly spared a thought for children who are sick. It's quite normal to be sick, isn't it? Also, it builds up their immunity, it has to happen. Yes, it's normal, and it builds up immunity. However, now that we are parents, the one thing which never fails to cause us heartache is when we see how our children suffer when they are sick. I know I am not the only one when I sometimes wish that I was the one sick, instead of the kids. I have heard lots of friends who are parents express this wish before.

We pray for all children to be well. We pray that they recover from all the ailments that bug them, and pray that they will not fall sick again. We pray for the children to always listen to their parents and caregivers, so that they will behave responsibly in such a way that it prevents them from falling sick. We pray that children will be cooperative on their journey back to good health, that they will not resist taking their medication, and that they will agree to take lots of rest.

We pray for all parents and caregivers of these children, that they not fall sick themselves. That they have patience and not lose their tempers with the little ones.

We give thanks for all those working or educated in the healthcare sector, whom, through our interaction with them, we have learnt a lot from them so as to better equip ourselves with skills and experience to take care of our children, and ourselves.

Pray with us. 

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