Friday, 14 February 2014

Day 8: Prayers for all Marriages

I started this series on the first day of Chinese New Year 2014, to give thanks, pray and remember those of us who may not be in the best of moods to celebrate the new year. My target to do 15 Days is half done!
Day 1: Prayers for the Dearly Departed
Day 2: Prayers for the Littlest Ones We Never Got to Know
Day 3: Prayers for Those Here, But Not Present
Day 4: Prayers for Children to Be Well
Day 5: Prayers for those with Cancer
Day 6: Prayers for Those Who Want Kids But Can't
Day 7: Prayers for Those with Down Syndrome

Day 8: Prayers for all Marriages

It's Valentine's Day and Yuan Xiao Jie (Chinese Valentine's Day) today and hence there would be many people around the world celebrating their love for their partner. Love is gentle and love is kind. Love is a commitment to each other, to want to love, and to want to make it work. Love is hard work.

We want to give thanks for those of us who have found our partners to spend the rest of our lives with. We pray for all married couples that they will honour their wedding vows to each other and commit themselves to working hard for their life together, as it takes both to make things work.

We pray for couples to have constant communication, loving looks, tender touch, attentive actions, wise words, and  forever-lasting fidelity. May the world blossom with love and let divorces die away.

Today, we bring you love, love, love... We don't need flowers, nor wine and presents to celebrate love. We bloggers, celebrate love, with words. 

Love, from
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Mummy bloggers...

June of MamaWearPapaShirt pens a note to her husband at Little Lessons: Gifts of Love

Missus Tay reflects on  how there can be love even if you're not physically with each other every day at Gifts of Love and Appreciation

Susan, A Juggling Mum shows us her lovely scrapbooked love notes that she has put together for her love in Love Notes to My Valentine
And since it takes two hands to clap, and two people to make a couple... we have Daddy bloggers declaring their love too...

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Daddy David of Princess Dana Diaries blogs about his wife Angeline, and serenades her with a love tune at The Ring, The Shoes, and The Handbag: A Valentines Dedication
Daddy Winston, The Blogfather, reminisces his past love life in 28 Valentines, 1 True Love
The above are just two of the 14 daddy bloggers at Daddy Matters who blogged about love this Valentines Day, read them all, links here!  

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Last but not least, we pray for those who have gone through or are going through a divorce. For those who are facing difficulty, hurt and pain, in their marriages and relationships. 

Michelle, the Mummy Wee, talks about this in her post Lesson #6: Love is no Fairy Tale

Last but not least...
As Pamela Lim says in her Facebook update The Stubborn Love 
"As Singaporeans would put it: open your eyes big, big and choose correctly. Because after that, there should be no turning back."

Pray with us. 

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