Monday, 17 February 2014

Day 9: Prayers for the Safety of our Children

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Day 9: Prayers for the Safety of our Children

I'm a paranoid mum and I am always afraid that someone may snatch or take away my children. I hear of all the attempted kidnappings that the police claim did not take place, and I'm convinced it is a conspiracy to cover up the truth to prevent parents from panicking. But most rumours are based off at least a smidgen of truth - so I really do believe that the attempted kidnappings may have taken place. (Notice how the police say 'kidnappings' did not take place? Yes, that's because the kidnappings were not successful! But 'attempted kidnappings' probably did take place! Aaaarrruuugghhhhh!!!! Panic! Panic now!!!) Nevertheless, I do think that parents do have to maintain vigilance with respect to the safety of their children.

Today, we pray for the safety of our children. We pray that they will always be safe from harm, be it self-inflicted, by accident, from strangers who would harm them or want to kidnap them, or even from friends & family who abuse or ill treat the children in their lives. 

We pray for all children to listen to their parents and teachers who teach them ways to keep themselves safe and free from harm. We pray that they listen well, learn, remember, and apply their knowledge as and when the need arises. We pray that in the event anything untoward happens to them, that they will not panic, and instead, be resourceful and have the presence of mind to act in their own defence and free themselves from harm. We pray for there to be NO kidnappings, ever!

We give thanks that Singapore is a relatively safe place for all of us staying here, and we pray that it would go on to be even safer. We pray for all parents not to be complacent towards their children's safety. We pray that people will be vigilant and look out for signs around them that may point to a child being abused, and that they have the courage to report their suspicions to the appropriate authorities.

We pray that people around the world who are ill-treating children (and or adults, really), will come to their senses and stop doing so immediately. We pray that those who do not stop ill-treating children (and adults) be apprehended by the authorities and be suitably punished and prevented from conducting the abuse ever again to anyone else.

We pray for law enforcement personnel all around the world, that they uphold their duty to maintain law and order and that they do not abuse the power vested in them. We pray that they be given the wisdom, knowledge and luck they need to do their jobs and catch all who flout the law, especially offenders who abuse children and other people. 

We pray that child labour and child trafficking of any kind will cease in the countries around the world.

Pray with us.
The infographic on Types of Child Labour below is provided by the Save Our Children Campaign.

Save Our Children is a campaign founded by a group of students from Republic Polytechnic. They aim to raise awareness on the exploitation of child labour. Find out more about child labour at; Save Our Children

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  1. this is probably a daily prayer for all parents out there!


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