Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Make Your Own Lightsaber Today!

I've always been a big fan of movies, and being a child of the 80s, we just had to get the Star Wars collection of 6 movies for our home movie library. The kids, especially Isaac & Asher, were especially taken with Star Wars, and have been hankering after me to make them their lightsabers. So last week, I finally sat down to make their lightsabers for them. 
The kids and their homemade DIY lightsabers
I used the same method to make their lightsabers as I did making their swords. It was actually easier to make the lightsaber since I didn't have to make the hilt this time. The tutorial is below. Just take a large piece of cardboard, score (cut, but not all the way through) the cardboard as shown, then fold the sections into a cross-section triangle, and tape it all the way around with duct tape. Voila! Your very own lightsaber!

Isaac was the one who told me "The handle has to be black. Like in the show." Right. He initially requested for a blue light lightsaber, but as I couldn't find blue duct tape, but instead found silver coloured duct tape - he chose silver instead. Asher wanted red colour for his lightsaber coz he says that's the one Darth Vader has. And I managed to convince Shawna to have a yellow lightsaber coz I thought it looked nice. So there we are the DIY, home-made, LIGHTSABERS! hehehe...
DIY tutorial for a Home Made Cardboard and Duct Tape Lightsaber!
It was this post by a fellow blogger mummy about her Star Wars' fans boys that inspired me to post this today! :) Linking up with Creativity 521

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  1. So cool! I loved the yellow one best! The pic of the three of them together looks awesome with all the matchy shirts! =) P.S: Love Asher's pose too! Thanks much for sharing and linking up! =)

    1. You're welcomed! I love linking up to your Creativity 521 ! I like the yellow one best too! hehehe... Asher's really into this!


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