Monday, 15 September 2014

Camping @ Pasir Ris on Petite Travellers

Did I mention that I am a contributing author on Petite Travellers - a blog by bloggers who are families like us going on trips with our young ones? I recently blogged about a staycation with a difference... Yes, we went camping in Singapore! Pasir Ris Park to be exact. Look at our nice little kampung (Malay for "village") below? That's less than half the village - hop on to Petite Travellers to see more pictures! In this post, I have selected 5 pictures which I feel is too beautiful to be hidden in a collage! :)
Camping in Singapore at Pasir Ris Park.
Look at the picturesque scene above. It's really in Singapore! We had beautiful blue skies, a big bright sun, and cool sea breeze grace our camping trip this time round. Even when it rained on our first camping trip last year, it was alright because we had fun waiting in our tents for the rain to stop. The kids got to play with sand for hours on end, and were content to bathe and have dinner when they were told to do so. Bliss...
Escape into the shade during midday.
We escaped into the huge shady area nearby during the midday heat wave. Soccer... Frisbee... or just plain catching had everyone breaking into a sweat, catching their breath, and bending over with laughter... Sandwiches and snacks made a welcomed tea break.
Flying a kite right outside our tent!
 I love this picture of Shawna flying the kite while Isaac peeps out from the tent to look at the kite. Asher and Isaac are inside the tent playing with the action figures that Asher had brought along. Isaac brought his chess set and his Harry Potter book, Asher brought his action figures and Shawna brought a small container of loom bands that her cousins gave her. 
Beautiful sunrise
This is another lovely sunrise picture that I caught on my camera. Pasir Ris Park has lots of visitors who visit the park for their daily exercise. I managed to capture two of them here in this picture.

And here below, is what I call a bungalow tent! So pretty, ain't it? Almost immediately after my full camping post went up on Petite Travellers went live, a reader commented to ask where they could buy such a tent.  Apparently, my friend bought this Wenzel Klondike tent on for less than $200 USD, excluding any shipping fees to Singapore. So affordable! The hubbs pointed out though, that a friend of his bought a tent online and one of it's poles broke after a few camping trip, and it was quite tough to get the seller to replace the poles etc since the seller was overseas. But I guess that's quite the norm for buying online, how the warranties sometimes do not extend to Singapore. Have to read the small print and take a leap of faith, I guess.

If you have enjoyed this post, do hop on to Petite Travellers to view the full post on Camping @ Pasir Ris Park, by yours truly! :)
Bungalow tent by the sea.

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