Monday, 23 February 2015

Tan Family on Throwback Balik Kampong!

Guess what?! We're going to be on local TV! Yes, all five of us! Hubbs, the kids and I! Exciting eh? Take a look at the trailer Channel 5 has released.

Throwback: Balik Kampong features three modern day Singaporean families trying to cope with living in a kampong (rural village) reminiscent of Singapore in the 1960s - bereft of modern technology and amenities.

I guess this year, being Singapore's 50th birthday, we'd be seeing a lot of programmes and events bringing us back in time to the 60s - in particular 1965, the year Singapore gained independence. I suppose that's also why we have one Chinese family, one Malay family and one Indian family in this show. Racial harmony for the win! 

So how did we come to be involved with this? People from the production firm contacted me via email and asked if we would like to be in this reality tv show. Think they probably found us through this blog, or through Petite Travellers the blog which I contribute to. It is where I blogged about our kelong trip as well as our camping experience (or this post). We guessed that it could be these posts, as maybe... they are thinking "Okay, if this family can survive the kelong and the camping, perhaps they can survive the kampong too!" 

Apparently, they tried searching for families with some TV ads like this one above. We didn't know though, as we don't exactly watch TV. We were told that we would be staying in a circa Singapore 1960s style kampong, without modern conveniences and without our electronic devices - no mobile phones, no tablets, no laptops. Instead, we would be expected to live life as it was back in the 1960s. Sounded like a pretty unique experience, especially for the kids. If anything, we hoped that this experience would make them more appreciative of what we do have in our lives now. So we agreed to come on board. The camera crew came and did some pre-kampong interviews at our house, and before we knew it, we were off to the kampong!

After we adjusted to the rigours of living without modern amenities and conveniences, we had a great time. We were very blessed that all three families were friendly and easy-going people. As such, we all got along very well, and the kids had a blast playing together, everyday. We had challenges and tasks we had to carry out, but with the help we provided each other, we got through it all. Our three families were one big family, for we were all in this together. It was truly an experience of a lifetime. You'd have to watch the show to see what I mean.
Throwback: Balik Kampong - 9.30pm Sunday 8th March 2015 on Channel 5
That's the date of the first episode of the 10 part series. I know! Ten episodes!!! We haven't seen the finished product yet. We are very excited and can't wait to see it. But to be honest, we're feeling a bit wary and apprehensive about how we would be portrayed on tv. We're just praying that they would show us as we were, and not sequence shots out of context. 
Rozz & Fuzz - Hosts of Throwback: Balik Kampong
Photos courtesy of @heyrozz on Instagram, used with permission.
On the bright side, we had some really cool hosts to be on the show with - Rozz & Fuzz! They were great at what they do, fun and friendly, and best of all, they loved the kids! ALL the kids from all three families! It was just serendipity that we all got along! :) So we're the Balik Kampong families - The Tan Family, The Awad Family, and The Azimullah Family! Support all of us and watch us all in the 1960s themed 
Throwback: Balik Kampong - 9.30pm Sunday 8th March 2015 on Channel 5 !

Monday, 16 February 2015

Minion Havaianas to aid you in world domination!

It's Chinese New Year soon and we all know what that means! New clothes! New shoes! And this year, we even have new slippers! Havaianas has kindly gifted the kidzes with Minion flip-flops for the boys and Frozen ones for Shawna. Coincidentally, my mum bought hubbs and I a pair of Havaianas each as our Christmas present. So we all have Havaianas slippers now! 

These are our first pairs of Havaianas (pronounced ah-vai-yah-nas) though we have certainly seen them before on other people's feet.  Now, having worn them ourselves, we finally understand why these flip-flops are so popular. The slippers are made from a special mix of rubber (the Havaianas secret rubber recipe!) that makes them soft and comfortable to wear, yet firm and durable to weather the most frequent wear and whatever tough conditions you drag them through. Impressive!
Asher and his Minion Havaianas!
Aren't the Minion slippers the cutest things ever? And you don't even have to feel bad stepping on them Minions, coz they're there to worship your feet so that you can concentrate on world domination!!! Rwaaahahahaa...

So if you guys are fans of the two Despicable Me movies like we are, you may be as thrilled as us to know that there's going to be a Minion movie released in July 2015! Frankly, I'm a bigger fan of Minions than I am of Gru (the despicable one). And there must be lots of Minion - rather than Gru - fans like me, for that's probably why they came up with the Minion movie. It's a prequel to the Despicable Me movies, and it looks to be truly entertaining. How'd I know? Just check out these movie trailers! 

Shawna in her Elsa & Anna, Frozen Havaianas!
Frozen! Your kids over the Frozen phase yet? We don't have the Frozen CD on repeat anymore, and we only have to watch the Frozen dvd every other month now, so I'd say we're out of the woods forest of Arendelle (though we do visit every so often...). Still Shawna was very pleased to receive her new flip-flops and she still draws Anna & Elsa pretty often. We haven't told her about the new Frozen Fever Featurette that will be screened this year. If you heard that there's going to be a new Frozen movie - you're only half right. It's actually a short film called Frozen Fever that will be screened before the new Disney live action movie Cinderella - very smart of them to do that, eh?! So, hopefully there'd be a new Cinderella craze, rather than a refreeze of the Frozen fever. Hahaha... sounds confusing? Watch these!
 The Cinderella movie looks interesting! Looks like Disney is trying to grow up with their audience.
Isaac's first Havaianas!
Isaac seems to be growing up really quickly once he entered primary school. Amongst other signs, he is beginning to find certain things "childish". However, it seems that kids and adults alike adore Minions and he did not deem it too juvenile for his maturing tastes :)

These are actually the first pair of thong slippers for the boys for we usually prefer to buy them proper shoes, and toe-covered sandals. They have taken to the flip flops very well because they're so attractive and comfortable. Now, my only worry is that they would want to wear the Havaianas all the time rather than wear shoes! We insist that they wear proper shoes to church though, no slippers in church!

Frozen & Minion Havaianas in Singapore!
Yes! Apparently there are MORE designs than the two that were given to us! The top four are kids designs, whilst the lowest two are adult sized designs. I do like the white Minion ones, so cute! And so, if you haven't got any new footwear for Chinese New Year yet, do hop over to the motherswork and mothercare stores for the kids collection, and to h Stores & CommonThread for the adult Minion collection.

Or if you like, join our giveaway right now! We are giving away THREE pairs of Havaianas Kids Minion Flip-Flops of the two designs below. Sizes are suitable for ages 3 to 12 years, refer to the size chart below.
Havaianas Kids Minions giveaway
  1. Go to the Tan Family Chronicles Facebook Page and choose any of our other blog posts there and share it on your own Facebook Wall. You may share other posts, not necessarily this giveaway post, if you wish.
  2. Leave a comment on this post to tell me "The Most Cute but Despicable Thing" your child has ever done - so that the Minions can choose who they wish to serve! along with the necessary information as detailed below.
  3. In the same comment on this blog post, please indicate the following information
    • The Minion design (Orange - left, Blue - right) your child has chosen
    • Your child's footwear size (please refer to the size chart below)
    • Your email address
    • The title of the blog post you have shared on your Facebook wall, and the name of your Facebook account. 
  4.   You MUST complete ALL the above steps by 2359 hours on 23rd February 2015 (Singapore time) in order to qualify for the draw.
 Small print that you should read:
*This giveaway is open to readers residing in Singapore only.
*Incomplete entries or partial entries will be deemed invalid and inadmissible.
*Entries made via "fake Facebook accounts" (accounts set up for the sole purpose of joining giveaways or contests) will be inadmissible as well. 
*Winners will be contacted via their email address provided and have 3 days to reply, failing which a new winner will be drawn.
*Havaianas Singapore is the sponsor of this giveaway and Tan Family Chronicles is not responsible for any non-performance of the sponsor in the event the sponsor does not follow through with this giveaway. Tan Family Chronicles is not responsible for any prize items that is lost/damaged in transit.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Window Shopping Wednesday: Summerox tin panels

Window Shopping Wednesday! This is going to be a new series which I aim to post every Wednesday. Inspired by window shopping, of course. Which is to say, I wouldn't actually have bought or tried anything that I post in WSW - just that I would like to... if I had all the money in the world, and the biggest good class bungalow in District 10.. If you know what I mean.

Anyway, without further ado, come check out this local website (which a good friend recommended to me) called Summerox that sells so many cool metal plates that I would love to collect. Just look at these retro vintage tin panels!!!  *groan* If Shawna hadn't been using our walls as her private art gallery, I'd probably succumb to temptation and but at least three of these! I'd certainly have a hard time choosing though, at the current sale price of S$16 each - I would probably buy them all!
Batman & Robin

The Mighty Thor
Iron Man
Where's Spiderman? Hehehe... yes, some of you would know I love Spiderman best of all the superheroes, right? Well, I actually don't like the Spiderman tin panel of this collection - I don't like the colour combination. The ones above are beautiful though. I would have preferred if the Wolverine background was not that pale green though. Oh, and Superman's not my thing, but I know Asher would love the Man of Steel below. The Dark Knight piece is quite cool though.
Superman: The Man of Steel
Batman: The Dark Knight
The above two are nice. But there's something about retro, vintage looking signs that really rock my boat hehehe see! They're making me talk funny already! Droooool...
Ride Free! - You'll never see a Bike Outside a Shrink's Office. Don't get the joke, but it looks nice!
Mother Road - Motorcycle Repair
Busted Knuckle Garage - passing gas since 1957 hahahahhaaha
And I'm sure some of my beer drinking friends would like to hang up the following in their homes or, I know! Office cubicle! hahahaha... oh, come to think of it, these would look great in the office pantry! 
I Believe I'll Have Another Beer
No Working During Drinking Hours
And certainly one of my favourite vintage posters of all time... The We Can Do It! wartime propaganda poster that was used to promote feminism! hehehe... Read more about this iconic poster here at Wikipedia.
We Can Do It! aka Rosie the Riveter
This post is the first post in the Window Shopping Wednesday series! Where Pamela shares with your her window shopping exploits. Please bring your own tissue to wipe your own drool. No point spoiling your keyboard - it'd only hinder further window shopping sessions. Be good!

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Isaac the Investigator @ InvestigateINK

If you've been reading our blog the past year at least, you'd know that we're big fans of Monsters Under the Bed. No, no, I don't enjoy scaring my kids with monsters under their beds!? I mean, the company Monsters Under the Bed who has been conducting impossibly fun and interesting creative writing workshops every school hols. We're blessed to have caught their eye and they've been inviting Isaac to their writing courses since last year.

This time round, we had friends attending as well!  Read about Ch's experience at Simply Lambchops, and Dana's experience at Life's Tiny Miracles.
Always fun to attend workshops with friends, eh? :) Isaac, Ch and Dana.
Now, those of you who read family blogs would know that we receive invitations to all sorts of events and experiences all the time. And for time-pressed families like us, we need to prioritise and be selective about accepting and attending the invites we receive. Monsters Under the Bed workshops are never one that we pass on, if we can help it! Our first was EnchantINK - which was a macabre (though original) twist on fairy tales. Then we attended MonsterHuntINK - which had the kids fashioning their own monster, habitat, and chase after them. These were both fiction writing, which is what creative writing is all about, isn't it?
Apparently not! InvestigateINK taught us that expository (non-fiction, journalistic writing) requires technique and creativity as well. I especially enjoyed the way the Monsters Under the Bed brought it to the kids. There was lots drama (the instructors doubled up as actors!), suspense and mystery - perfect for an investigative themed workshop.

There were even pre-recorded "CCTV recordings" that were being screened to the kids in "flashback style" on the projector. Groups could review the videos on their group computer to try to glean any clues they can pick up from the video. The video segments are usually only a few minutes long, snappy and full of suspense or mystery.
"CCTV" footage and other flashbacks via pre-recorded videos. A good use of technology to aid the cause, I say!
Pre-Workshop Preparation Material sent to attendees a week or so before the actual start of the workshop
If you think this workshop sounds too fun to be able to teach the kids anything, you're mistaken. A week or so before a Monsters Under the Bed workshop, you'd usually receive a package in the mail with pre-workshop preparation materials within. There's usually some information on the background theme of the workshop, and also some pointers or info sheet regarding the writing style that you would be learning for that camp. This time around, a PRESS Name Tag was included as well. The kids are all members of the press you see, and this was their name tags. And we all know what good investigators pressmen are given their insatiable appetites for juicy news...

Interspersed with all the happenings during the camp, the kids are also taught writing techniques in simple layman terms. Thus, even P1 kids like Isaac did not have an issue keeping up. I was glad I was there, I was learning some tips myself!
Photos of presentation slides by Pamela Tan of Tan Family Chronicles.
Text & content of slides in the pictures by Monsters Under the Bed.
Monsters can be very drama too.
A definite highlight of the workshops are the drama bits where the instructors and other Monsters (from Under the Bed) get in character of the background story to the case they were investigating. The kids even got to interrogate the suspects. So convincing they were at acting! At one point, one of the main suspects, Tai Po, fainted to the ground, and was dragged/carried out of the room The trainers came back in and said "Tai Po is dead!" and the kids were stunned. Later, I actually heard the kids discuss in hushed voices about the death of Tai Po. I realised that they were really frightened as they think that Tai Po really died. As in really died, for real. I quickly piped up and told them that it's just a story, an act, that Tai Po is not dead. When they gave me the "Are you sure? He really looks dead." I was like "Go ask your group trainer!"

The kids also had clues to figure out, and secret codes to decipher. Isaac managed to figure out on his own that the hidden message below is in mirror image.
A mirror image hidden message and other cryptic clues.
Another coded message!
Oooh I love all these coded messages and stuff. Reminds me a lot of when I was Isaac's age, and would read all the books on being an investigator a la The Three Investigators. I would always try and come up with my own secret language or code.

Having attended quite a number of Monsters Under the Bed workshops, I like how they pace the days out. Each day, there is usually a small lecture, exciting bits with drama, action or suspense, and then they would break up into smaller groups where the group trainers would lead their groups in small group discussion. And then guide them in completing their exercise in answering leading questions posed to them, or in formulating stories or background to their final work. 

As this was an investigative themed workshop, there was also a lot of discussion, or speculation (haha) on what happened or on the reasons behind what they just witnessed. 
The young pressmen hard at work.
Finale drama @ InvestigateINK
As with every investigative drama, there has to be a twist to the story, and a finale, before the truth is revealed - and then the journalists can write their report for the news paper. Just look at the stills above. Even the adults present were kept at the edge of their seats... well actually, everyone was on their feet, trying to get the best view of the drama that was unfolding before our very eyes. What started out as a theft, had someone die during interrogation, and now there's a gun and death threats which culminated in The Chase of the Black Lamora - as Isaac calls it! That last bit was when the culprit was revealed to be that lady in black with long hair, and she ran away, so the entire team of press investigators gave chase and ran after her. Yes, it was quite the chaos.The kids loved it!

And so all of them enthusiastically set about writing their piece for the MUTB Times. It's a good thing they get to paste them into the "newspaper" so they didn't have to spend time copying over what they have written the previous two days.
Isaac the Investigator cum Journalist, hard at work.
InvestigateINK by Monsters Under the Bed
You know how, as kids, you would write the least possible, just the bare minimum to get by and hand it in? Oh well, maybe it was just me. But these kids, they all have tons to write about! Helps that the story line was interesting too, I suppose. It certainly shows that when the kids' interest is piqued, writing a decent length of content isn't an issue at all.

Monsters Under the Bed had the kids fill out a feedback form which I managed to take pix of before Isaac handed it in. The first page were some general questions to which Isaac replied
  1. That the quality of the workshop was AWESOME
  2. The duration of the workshop is JUST NICE
  3. The materials provided in the workshop is VERY USEFUL
  4. And that he was "REALLY FIRED UP" from attending the workshop
Here's his second page of the feedback form...
Feedback Form in Isaac's own hand!

Isaac & his favourite instructor Mr "Tuna" Adam!
That's Mr "TunaFish" Adam - one of the MUTB's instructors, and certainly one of Isaac's favourite. He seems to be a favourite of quite a few of the kids actually. I heard Ch and Isaac talking about Mr Tuna and "How lucky you are to get Mr Tuna this time!!!" type of statements, at not just this camp but the next camp after this one too. He seems quiet and unassuming to me, but he must really have a natural affinity with kids to be able to connect to them so well.

Oh and if you're wondering about Isaac's vest and top hat - that's supposed to be his reporter get-up. He wanted to look like a detective, more than a reporter, really.
Here is Isaac's piece for the MUTB Times.
Page 1 of 4
Page 2 of 4

Page 3 of 4
Page 4 of 4
If you think that sounds incoherent... watch this video! May clear up a few things!

If you wondering how this creative bunch of Monsters Under the Bed are like in the flesh, you're in luck! They have a free parent's seminar coming up soon!

How To Preserve Your Child's Creative Edge
Date: 28th February 2015, Saturday
Time: 1 - 2pm
Venue: 111 Middle Road, National Design Centre (Opposite the Central Library)
Fee: Complimentary
Registration Link:

In this talk, MUTB addresses why the pursuit of academic excellence often destroys creativity, and how people arrive at the false conclusion that the two goals are exclusive. They will also examine the aspects of creativity that are mostly commonly repressed, and who's responsible for doing so (it's less the fault of schools than you'd imagine). Through a few simple lifestyle changes, which most children will welcome and enjoy, learn how you can maintain your child's creative edge!

Sounds good! I'm off to register right now!
EpicQuestINK by Monsters Under the Bed
And guess what? Monsters Under the Bed has released their line up of INK workshops for 2015! "Imagination N' Knowledge (INK) Workshop is a three-day creative writing programme that stimulates your child's imagination and passion for writing. Participants will be engaged in roleplaying, group discussions, and physical activities that expand their creative space." (Source: The INK website)

Epic QuestINK
Date: 16 - 18 March 2015
Time: 10 am - 1pm
Venue: The Arts House

In this workshop, you transform into heroes straight out of the Greek myths of old, and go on a journey of epic proportions! Participants will learn how to:
Utilize the Hero's Journey. Structure your story in a way that is truly epic. Create fantabulous monsters. Trainers will introduce a selection of monstrous and magical beings from classical Greek myth, and teach you how to create your own! Dream up weird settings. Learn about all the strange places the ancient Greek heroes visited on their journeys, and come up with your own!

Date: 3 - 5 June 2015
Time: 10 am - 1pm
Venue: The Arts House

Spell CraftINK
Date: 7 - 9 September 2015
Time: 10 am - 1pm
Venue: The Arts House

Date: 23 - 25 November 2015
Time: 10 am - 1pm
Venue: The Arts House

INK To The Void
Date: 14 - 16 December 2015
Time: 10 am - 1pm
Venue: The Arts House

REGISTRATION LINK for all the above workshops. By the way, there is currently a special bundle promotion for the above INK workshops.
  • Sign up for 5 workshops and only pay $1,150 OR get 1 month Story Craft lesson worth $320.
  • Recommend other parents and sign 3-5 students up to get 10% discount.

And especially for readers of the Tan Family Chronicles, Monsters Under the Bed (MUtB) is giving away Journal Singapore the board game (worth $59.90) + S$10 Mubster money (can used for any of the MUtB writing programmes or 2015 INK workshops) - just quote “INK1502" when you register.
Journal Singapore the board game
Journal Singapore is a board game created  by Monsters Under the Bed in conjunction with the Singapore Heritage Board. It  is the first board game to feature the history of Singapore from its early days as a British Colony in 1900, to its Independence in 1965. Play the role of Singapore’s early pioneers and leave a legacy of prestige and influence. The rules are in the box, and there is even an online demo to help you figure it out.

You can even use Journal Singapore as a storytelling tool by talking about the different historical characters and locales (sectors) of the game. It's certainly a good tool to springboard the kids into taking interest in our local history.

So, check out the links above and go register your places now. Don't forget to quote “INK1502" to get your freebies!

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Shawna the Sketcher

I've been meaning to scan/photograph and blog about the kids drawings. Isaac wasn't really one to doodle much, but the twins love sketching and drawing pictures. Asher started doodling and drawing pictures last year. I amassed a huge stack of them but didn't get around to posting about them. He liked to draw the same things over and over again, namely, superheroes. Very cute, and I still intend to write about them.

Shawna , though, only started drawing in earnest this year. Last year, she would look at Asher drawing and say "I don't know what to draw." But this year... wow, she's on a roll! She tends to draw roughly similar things as well. Usually a landscape, with the sun in a corner, clouds, a house, some people, flowers. But Shawna also liked to write. She would write statements, like below, where she wrote "Shawna: Isaac: I love my parents" It may not look like it to you, but that is what she wrote. She's still at the age where she sometimes mixes up her letters in a mirror image way, or writes backwards, or writes from right to left instead of left to right. I'm praying that she's not dyslexic!
This is the drawing that catapulted me into action to write this post. Shawna says "I love my parents!" :)
Of the three children, Shawna is in a way the least physically affectionate of them. The boys would be more likely to give us hugs and kisses if we ask for them (or spontaneously!), than Shawna would. However, Shawna appears to be more willing to write down her feelings :)

She's proud of her drawings and always wants to put them up. As you can see below, she has covered her bedroom wall, her bedroom door, the wall outside her bedroom, with her pictures. And since she ran out of space, she has started pasting them on our master bedroom wall (covered with mirror) as well. 

At first, I said "Er, why don't you colour the pictures? They'd look nicer, THEN you can put them up." Or I would tell Asher "You should use markers, I think you draw better using markers." and the like. I realised that, in a way, I was being too perfectionist - I only wanted to put up "the nice ones". But the kids shook their heads and proceeded to put up their pictures anyway. And when I saw them on the walls, I realised something... They are all nice! Just the way they are. And here, I shall immortalise them in this blog post.So even if they wither, yellow and tear, they'd still be on this blog.
Our walls full of lovely pictures by Sketcher Shawna, Artist Asher, and Illustrator Isaac!
Shawna's drawing in pink ink.
Above is a multi-story house on the right. You can see the beds/chairs on each floor. Shawna, with ponytails and a huge smile, is having a delicious cold drink in her hand. Enjoying the sun, pretty flower beside her, clouds and birds in the sky. A playground with a slide. The tree has a bird's nest in one of its branches.

Below: The sun is huge. It must be very hot. But there are clouds so it must be a nice day out. Shawna and I are out for a walk with some babies (?!) in two strollers.  Shawna tells me that the stroller is not floating in the sky - it is simply further away. There's a tall building. And a treehouse. Love the strollers!
A Walk in the Park by Sketcher Shawna
Asher in a Hot Air Balloon by Sketcher Shawna
Another lovely sunny day. Shawna says it's hot, so she is inside the house (you can't see her). That's Asher in his hot air balloon. There are two butterflies in the sky. And an aeroplane too! Look what big boosters the aeroplane has, and three doors and many windows.

Below is something Shawna has been doing a lot lately. She enjoys writing out whatever words she has learnt to write in her school. Numbers 1 to 6 in Chinese, and some simple Chinese words. The English alphabet - some in mirror image. And simple words. The "Ni" she keeps writing is actually "in". 
Shawna learns the alphabet!
Rocket & Earth by Sketcher Shawna
This picture is actually inspired by a similar picture drawn by Isaac. The twins saw it and started to draw their own version of it. I should go look for Isaac's and Asher's and put them all up in a post! Love the rocket, the sun is below and not in it's usual place, the crescent moon, the alien in his spaceship, and planet Earth with some people on it, oh and the many stars! :)

You know how the kids change best friends every so often? Well it's the same with the kidzes, but Shawna's been having a constant best friend (amongst other ones that are not as constant) - and that's Chloe. Shawna loves to draw pictures of herself and Chloe. 
Chloe & Shawna - best friends!
Shawna's quite good with colours. Shall get her to draw more using crayons and colour pencils. Markers too, though a lot have dried out when the kids forget to cap them after use, despite constant reminders. Annoys me to no end. Love the trees and rickety hut!

So there were these two pictures where she folded the sides of the paper this way. And I'm like "Why do you fold your paper this way, Shawna?" And she says "It's to make the frame, Mummy! You say got frame nicer, right?" Hahaha, yes I did.
Shawna's frame improvisation
I love my Papa and Mummy
 Yes Shawna spelt the above on her own :) Happy to know that the words "I love my Mummy/Papa" are amongst the first words that Shawna knows how to spell. She meant to write "so" when she wrote "os". It's cute how she practices the words that she knows. 

Like most other little girls, Shawna's a big fan of Frozen too. We've watched the movie more than a dozen times as we have the blu ray dvd. I like the movie too, as I feel that there are a lot of teaching moments in the show. I often talk throughout the movie, explaining to the kids why certain things happen, and why the characters are behaving the way they are. 

So Shawna drew the two pictures below. One of Anna (left) and one of Elsa (right). And in both pictures, they are crying. She also pasted the two pictures a distance apart. "Shawna, why are Anna and Elsa crying?" I asked her. And she said "They are sad because they want to play with each other, but they can't. That's why I paste the pictures separate, Mummy." And at that moment, I saw the heart labelled "Love" in each girl.

And I knew she understood all I had been telling them through the movie. I often tell the children that they are very lucky to have each other to play with (so they should not fight nor quarrel!), unlike Anna and Elsa who loved each other and wanted to play with each other, but can't.
The Crying Sisters Anna & Elsa, by Sketcher Shawna
Mummy Working on her Computer, by Sketcher Shawna
Now that I am working full time on My First Games, I actually work out of home. I try to finish doing whatever I have to do before the kids get home from school. However, occasionally I have to do some work, and so I work at my computer. Captured here in print, by my dear Shawna. That's hubbs doing work as well, as he often has to bring work home to do as well. This is a reminder for us to keep work to work time, and treasure our family time with the kids!

Oh another landscape by Shawna. A house with a chimney and smoke coming out of it. Two aeroplanes in the sky, with exhaust gas coming out of its engines. A coconut tree with coconuts dangling like earrings. The spots on the tree trunk are the grooves in the trunk for climbing the tree. Shawna's had some experience climbing a coconut tree, you see :)  Oh and clouds that have eyes, nose, mouth and spectacles! And a heart, of course!
Coconut Tree by Sketcher Shawna
Self Portrait by Sketcher Shawna
And to end of this post, we have a nice self portrait of Shawna - with a sunny day, house and tree in the background. Love the flower in her hat! :)

I love kids' art! For more kiddy arty goodness, follow these links!
*A Nugget of Joy
*Little Blue Bottle


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