Monday, 16 February 2015

Minion Havaianas to aid you in world domination!

It's Chinese New Year soon and we all know what that means! New clothes! New shoes! And this year, we even have new slippers! Havaianas has kindly gifted the kidzes with Minion flip-flops for the boys and Frozen ones for Shawna. Coincidentally, my mum bought hubbs and I a pair of Havaianas each as our Christmas present. So we all have Havaianas slippers now! 

These are our first pairs of Havaianas (pronounced ah-vai-yah-nas) though we have certainly seen them before on other people's feet.  Now, having worn them ourselves, we finally understand why these flip-flops are so popular. The slippers are made from a special mix of rubber (the Havaianas secret rubber recipe!) that makes them soft and comfortable to wear, yet firm and durable to weather the most frequent wear and whatever tough conditions you drag them through. Impressive!
Asher and his Minion Havaianas!
Aren't the Minion slippers the cutest things ever? And you don't even have to feel bad stepping on them Minions, coz they're there to worship your feet so that you can concentrate on world domination!!! Rwaaahahahaa...

So if you guys are fans of the two Despicable Me movies like we are, you may be as thrilled as us to know that there's going to be a Minion movie released in July 2015! Frankly, I'm a bigger fan of Minions than I am of Gru (the despicable one). And there must be lots of Minion - rather than Gru - fans like me, for that's probably why they came up with the Minion movie. It's a prequel to the Despicable Me movies, and it looks to be truly entertaining. How'd I know? Just check out these movie trailers! 

Shawna in her Elsa & Anna, Frozen Havaianas!
Frozen! Your kids over the Frozen phase yet? We don't have the Frozen CD on repeat anymore, and we only have to watch the Frozen dvd every other month now, so I'd say we're out of the woods forest of Arendelle (though we do visit every so often...). Still Shawna was very pleased to receive her new flip-flops and she still draws Anna & Elsa pretty often. We haven't told her about the new Frozen Fever Featurette that will be screened this year. If you heard that there's going to be a new Frozen movie - you're only half right. It's actually a short film called Frozen Fever that will be screened before the new Disney live action movie Cinderella - very smart of them to do that, eh?! So, hopefully there'd be a new Cinderella craze, rather than a refreeze of the Frozen fever. Hahaha... sounds confusing? Watch these!
 The Cinderella movie looks interesting! Looks like Disney is trying to grow up with their audience.
Isaac's first Havaianas!
Isaac seems to be growing up really quickly once he entered primary school. Amongst other signs, he is beginning to find certain things "childish". However, it seems that kids and adults alike adore Minions and he did not deem it too juvenile for his maturing tastes :)

These are actually the first pair of thong slippers for the boys for we usually prefer to buy them proper shoes, and toe-covered sandals. They have taken to the flip flops very well because they're so attractive and comfortable. Now, my only worry is that they would want to wear the Havaianas all the time rather than wear shoes! We insist that they wear proper shoes to church though, no slippers in church!

Frozen & Minion Havaianas in Singapore!
Yes! Apparently there are MORE designs than the two that were given to us! The top four are kids designs, whilst the lowest two are adult sized designs. I do like the white Minion ones, so cute! And so, if you haven't got any new footwear for Chinese New Year yet, do hop over to the motherswork and mothercare stores for the kids collection, and to h Stores & CommonThread for the adult Minion collection.

Or if you like, join our giveaway right now! We are giving away THREE pairs of Havaianas Kids Minion Flip-Flops of the two designs below. Sizes are suitable for ages 3 to 12 years, refer to the size chart below.
Havaianas Kids Minions giveaway
  1. Go to the Tan Family Chronicles Facebook Page and choose any of our other blog posts there and share it on your own Facebook Wall. You may share other posts, not necessarily this giveaway post, if you wish.
  2. Leave a comment on this post to tell me "The Most Cute but Despicable Thing" your child has ever done - so that the Minions can choose who they wish to serve! along with the necessary information as detailed below.
  3. In the same comment on this blog post, please indicate the following information
    • The Minion design (Orange - left, Blue - right) your child has chosen
    • Your child's footwear size (please refer to the size chart below)
    • Your email address
    • The title of the blog post you have shared on your Facebook wall, and the name of your Facebook account. 
  4.   You MUST complete ALL the above steps by 2359 hours on 23rd February 2015 (Singapore time) in order to qualify for the draw.
 Small print that you should read:
*This giveaway is open to readers residing in Singapore only.
*Incomplete entries or partial entries will be deemed invalid and inadmissible.
*Entries made via "fake Facebook accounts" (accounts set up for the sole purpose of joining giveaways or contests) will be inadmissible as well. 
*Winners will be contacted via their email address provided and have 3 days to reply, failing which a new winner will be drawn.
*Havaianas Singapore is the sponsor of this giveaway and Tan Family Chronicles is not responsible for any non-performance of the sponsor in the event the sponsor does not follow through with this giveaway. Tan Family Chronicles is not responsible for any prize items that is lost/damaged in transit.


  1. Using his well licked fingers from those yummies to try and touch me. He loves doing that, and looks too cute.
    Design: Blue right
    Size: Euro 27/28
    Blog Title shared: Minion Havaianas to aid you in world domination
    FB name: karen chen

  2. Shared this post as sharing a giveaway post is caring! The most despicable thing my boy has done was to turn a simple tooth-brushing routine into a complete warzone in the toilet - think him spraying water from the bidet all over the toilet, resulting in wet walls, flooded floors (God knows what he was doing with the bidet while brushing his teeth!), until the floor outside the toilet also becomes flooded. PLUS trail of toothpaste across the wall, like some Jackson Pollock artwork albeit with white toothpaste instead of paint. When I found him, he was all drenched, still carrying that incriminating bidet in one hand and tube of toothpaste in the other, and a mouthful of un-rinsed toothpaste foam in his mouth. Dunno whether to laugh or scream at him!

    Hope to score a blue pair of Havis, kids 29/30., shared this Haviannas giveaway blog. FB name: Robert Sim

  3. Cutest thing my kids have done: Offering to help me bake in the kitchen but dropping eggs, stealing tastes of the batter (actually containing raw eggs) and chocolate chips, and generally making a huge mess!!

    I shared this post! Hope to win the blue pair, size 29/30.

    Happy Chinese New Year, Pam and family :)

    FB name: Olimomokblog

  4. I shared this post! Hope to win the blue pair size 29/30

    Cutest thing my kids have done: Offering to help me bake in the kitchen but giving me heart attacks when they drop eggs, stick their fingers into the blender while I am blending something (no one got hurt), stealing bites of the raw batter, and generally making a huge mess!

    FB name: Olimomokblog, email:

  5. I shared this post and the Camping@Pasir RIs on Petite Travellers one! Would love to win the Kids Blue in 25/26.

    The boys love to paint, but Daryl especially loves to paint HIMSELF. Which starts off totally cute, but quickly deteriorates into major stress for his mummy because he gets over-excited and tries to hug me or the furniture with his paint-smeared fingers and body... The mess! Arghhh!!

    FB Name: Dorothea Xu

  6. I have shared the mumpreneur nomination post. I am always in awe with mummies who owned their own business.
    My 18 mth son is at his cutest stage and mimicking adults. Once i found him using his finger to dig his little nostril...and next he put his same finger into his mouth to my greatest horror!yikes!
    Fb:jaime chan
    Size 29/30

  7. My 3 kids have smelly farts. They love to fart or rather has gassy tummy that requires frequent farting. They always do it in the car and says, "Not me!"

    Design: Blue - Right
    Size: US size 3
    Email assress:
    Blog shared: Isaac the Investigator @ InvestigateINK (FB Name: Ace Serene)

  8. The most 'despicable' but adorable thing Dana has done was to so kindly volunteer to help us finish our desserts (gleefully) when we were too starved from the main courses. The sweet tooth runs in our family!

    I shared the camping@Pasir Ris post with my FB friends to inspire them to find fun outdoors :)

    FB Name: Angeline Sim Email: Dana would love to own a pair of the Kids Blue Minion Havaianas in size 27/28. Thanks for hosting this giveaway! :D

  9. I shared the post entitled Lessons from Presents (see, under FB name Carol Mei Mei Lim. Would love to have the orange pair in size 29/30.

    The most cute but despicable thing that my child has done is to ransack my art & craft cupboard and mix up everything that I have organized carefuly - including squeezing out tubes of acrylic paint, mixing our Hama beads that I painstakingly sorted by colour, mixing the small shiny embellishments that I have painstakingly sorted by type, cutting up a ball of twine, and (this is most heartbreaking) randomly snipping pieces off my prized washi tape stash!!!


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