Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Window Shopping Wednesday: Summerox tin panels

Window Shopping Wednesday! This is going to be a new series which I aim to post every Wednesday. Inspired by window shopping, of course. Which is to say, I wouldn't actually have bought or tried anything that I post in WSW - just that I would like to... if I had all the money in the world, and the biggest good class bungalow in District 10.. If you know what I mean.

Anyway, without further ado, come check out this local website (which a good friend recommended to me) called Summerox that sells so many cool metal plates that I would love to collect. Just look at these retro vintage tin panels!!!  *groan* If Shawna hadn't been using our walls as her private art gallery, I'd probably succumb to temptation and but at least three of these! I'd certainly have a hard time choosing though, at the current sale price of S$16 each - I would probably buy them all!
Batman & Robin

The Mighty Thor
Iron Man
Where's Spiderman? Hehehe... yes, some of you would know I love Spiderman best of all the superheroes, right? Well, I actually don't like the Spiderman tin panel of this collection - I don't like the colour combination. The ones above are beautiful though. I would have preferred if the Wolverine background was not that pale green though. Oh, and Superman's not my thing, but I know Asher would love the Man of Steel below. The Dark Knight piece is quite cool though.
Superman: The Man of Steel
Batman: The Dark Knight
The above two are nice. But there's something about retro, vintage looking signs that really rock my boat hehehe see! They're making me talk funny already! Droooool...
Ride Free! - You'll never see a Bike Outside a Shrink's Office. Don't get the joke, but it looks nice!
Mother Road - Motorcycle Repair
Busted Knuckle Garage - passing gas since 1957 hahahahhaaha
And I'm sure some of my beer drinking friends would like to hang up the following in their homes or, I know! Office cubicle! hahahaha... oh, come to think of it, these would look great in the office pantry! 
I Believe I'll Have Another Beer
No Working During Drinking Hours
And certainly one of my favourite vintage posters of all time... The We Can Do It! wartime propaganda poster that was used to promote feminism! hehehe... Read more about this iconic poster here at Wikipedia.
We Can Do It! aka Rosie the Riveter
This post is the first post in the Window Shopping Wednesday series! Where Pamela shares with your her window shopping exploits. Please bring your own tissue to wipe your own drool. No point spoiling your keyboard - it'd only hinder further window shopping sessions. Be good!

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  1. I see these a lot when I'm in Aust and always so tempted to get too!


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