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The Balik Kampong Families

Throwback: Balik Kampong! Hosted by Fuzz & Rozz.
Pic from Fuzz's Fukkah Fuzz Facebook Wall - used with permission.

That's right! 3 Families, 2 Hosts, 1 Kampong! Premieres this coming Sunday 8th March 2015, at 9.30pm, on Channel 5! In today's post, we shall introduce you to the three families of Throwback: Balik Kampong! For more background - and the trailer - of this reality TV series, read this post

Today, we have The Tan Family kidzes Isaac, Asher & Shawna to introduce The Balik Kampong Families to you. Without further ado, in the words of The Junior Chroniclers: Isaac, Asher & Shawna...
Throwback: Balik Kampong: The Awad Family (Picture from the this link.)
Isaac:"The Awad Family has the biggest and oldest kids of the three families. The kids' names are Danish & Hannah. They are gentle and fun because they play with me and the other kids nicely. They are older, which gives them certain abilities, like being fast in running and helping us with things. Their parents are very good in cooking, to me, because their food is very yummy. I have eaten it many times before in the kampong.  Even with the minimal amount of cooking utensils, it is still very yummy."

Asher:"They have two children. Their family has four people. Hannah and Danish plays with me. I have fun. I play with them swing around and chasing. Three of us eats together. Danish is a big brother and he takes care of me."

Shawna:"The Awad Family, Danish and Hannah takes care of me. They love to play with me. And I love to play with them too. I play hopscotch with them and I love them. They carry me."
Throwback: Balik Kampong: The Azimullah Family (Picture from the this link.)
Isaac:"There are three kids in The Azimullah Family. Their names are Neelufer, Mehrnaz and Roushana. Throughout the show, most of the time, you will see their mother, Auntie Farzana, with them. That is because their father has to work. They are the Indian family. Asher, Shawna and I enjoy playing with them. I think that Shawna is best friends with Roushana because: 
  • They have the same name. Roushana's family calls her Shona for short, but it pronounced the same way as Shawna. So it seems as though they have the same name. We always get confused at the kampong when a lot of people call for Shawna or Shona.
  • Shawna and Roushana are maybe friends also because they are about the same age. Anyway, they really like to play together."
Asher:"Azimullah has three daughters. Two is younger. The oldest one plays with me. The other two also likes to play with me. We play hopscotch and hide and seek."

Shawna:"The Azimullah Family has three girls. And they love to play with me. And they love to play catching and also hopscotch and they love to draw in the sand too with me. And my best friend is Roushana because she follows me.

Throwback: Balik Kampong: The Tan Family (Picture from the this link.)
Isaac:"Our family, The Tan Family, also has three children like The Azimullah Family. I am the older brother of a pair of twins. Their names are Asher & Shawna. Asher came out of Mummy's tummy first, so he is about one minute older than Shawna even though it doesn't make much difference. Papa is a teacher and he can be very fierce sometimes. Mummy is a board game seller, a blogger and is the person who is typing right now. You can read more of this Tan Family Chronicles blog if you want to know more about us Tan Family people."

Asher:" Hello, my name is Asher. I love my brother and sister and my parents. They love me too. We are The Tan Family and we love all of us. My favourite colour is green. And my favourite toys are the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figures. They are green, and have an enemy called Shredder. Shredder is silver, and I love those colours. "

Shawna:"Hello, I am Shawna. I want to share some words with you. I love to draw and my brother loves to draw too. I love to draw nice things like flowers and houses and sun and clouds too. My Mummy and Daddy loves me and my brothers."

There you have it, the three Balik Kampong families, in the words of The Tan Family Junior Chroniclers. Remember now! Watch Throwback: Balik Kampong on Channel 5, this coming Sunday 8th March 2015, at 9.30pm.


  1. hello there!!! i saw the ads on tv and shouted .. the tan!!! ... send my warmest hug to the twins, pam!!! :)
    sadly going to miss the first episode though :(


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