Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Virtual Real Friends

Virtual Real Friends may sound grammatically incorrect - as opposed to Virtually Real Friends. But factually, it is more correct than Virtually Real Friends - which sounds as though it is "almost-but-not real friends" - and that is certainly not the case.

Apologies if I have thoroughly confused you - I am talking about a wonderful bunch of friends that I have the pleasure of knowing - through blogging. We're all bloggers, and mostly mummies, and hence we have lots in common. 

Like having last minute plans sprrrrinnng into action, for example :) Here's us! It took us less than half a day to throw this impromptu gathering together. Someone suggested something on a whim, and the rest took it and flew with it. Within a few hours, we were gathered on this patch of grass at The Botanic Gardens of Singapore (that's probably the official name now - must have The at the beginning, and Singapore at the end ;p). Note: I've just been told the official name is likely to be Singapore Botanic Gardens - but my version makes it sound so much more dignified!!! :p
Scoot here now, quick!
We just wanted to be outdoors, to breathe some fresh air, get some sun, and let the kids move about. And the kids did! Run, scoot, cycle, chase and scare geese...

Actually, what I wanted to say in this post, is that my virtual real friends, know me pretty well. They've read me on my blog, heard and seen me talk - they know "my pattern". They know how I'm like. How I have been complaining to them that I want to blog more, but I have so much to say, that I tend not to be able to find time to write the crazy pam-like long blog posts that I usually do. 

So my dear friends say - just do short posts!!! :) And I will. And this is the first short post!!! In honour of good advice and all that, ya know ;)  It's not going to be easy for me to be short and concise and not turn everything into a 3 page article. But I shall certainly try!
Keeping a safe distance - cautious kids, good!
So if you think the kids in these pix look familiar, that's probably coz you may have already read about some or all of them in these blogs!
We wanted to get the kids all in one picture. But to get them all together, and looking at the camera - that was tough!!! Until someone had a great idea! She told the kids to line up by height as we wanted to see who was the tallest child! And they did! :)
Who's the tallest of them all? The eldest one, naturally! (Though not necessarily!)
And then, being a little ambitious now. I said:"Do you kids want to look like you're all the same height?" "YES!!!" they chorused! And gamely stood still while I adjusted myself trying to take a picture where they all look equally tall. Well almost. Now, the youngest one of all looks huge! :) 

Love these pictures, a shame not to blog it. So there! :)
Don't we all look like we're all almost of the same height?!
Missing our Virtual Real Friends from Little Blue Bottle, A Dollop of Me, A Juggling Mom, Scissors Paper Stone, Missus Tay, and many more!

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