Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Boardgames with Twins @ 20 months!

One of the apps that I like on Facebook, is the one which shows you photos that you posted on the same day, a year (or more) back. So, today in history, I posted these four pictures in my album Grow a Gamer with Games Bond Family, four years back. That makes the twins in these pix 20 months old. I'm a firm believer in using board games to teach, and more importantly to have fun, and bond over. Hence, we started playing board games with our kids way before they even turn 2 years old. It was a friend, Sarah of The Playful Parents, who coined the moniker of The Games Bond Family for our family! I love it! :)
Asher & Shawna playing Orchard by HABA.
Orchard is a classic German kids game. A co-operative game, all players are working together to harvest the fruits in all four trees on the board before the jigsaw puzzle of the crow is fully formed - thereby signifying that the crow is there to eat the fruits up. If all players managed to harvest all the fruits before the crow arrives (puzzle is complete), then the players win! If the crow puzzle is completed before all the fruits are harvested, then all the players lose the game. Great for simple counting. Slight strategy for the kids in learning to think for themselves which tree they should harvest from on their turn, should they have a choice. 

We haven't played this in awhile. Think we shall do so tonight! :) This game is also affectionately known as "The Crow is Coming! Game" because every time the dice rolls a crow - everyone shouts "The Crow is Coming!!!" :)
Asher & Shawna guloing away in Gulo Gulo
Gulo Gulo is another classic gamer kid's game. Long out of print, only the boardgame-crazy parents like me would have this game. A dexterity game where a player needs to extract the corresponding colour of egg from the Gulo's egg nest according to what colour tile you have flipped, this game is still being pulled out pretty often. Shawna and Asher can now set it up themselves and have a go at it as and when they feel like it. Definitely a keeper, grab it if you see it at thrift stores!
20 month old Shawna
Zimbbos is a simple game of stacking and number recognition. Roll a dot, stack an elephant next in line from numbers 1 to 10. Player who stacks elephant number 10 wins the game. Great for turn taking and execution of simple instructions, Zimbbos has been a great first game with Isaac and the twins. A quick, 5 to 10 minute game, it's a great insertion for our bedtime ritual as well. Play game, read books, brush teeth, sleep! 
Shawna Zimbbosing away while her brothers nap!

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