Friday, 9 October 2015


Being twins, Asher and Shawna have always been close since young. It also helps that they have different characters and temperaments. Asher is usually the one giving in to Shawna during arguments, but Shawna is usually the one who does things for Asher, like taking stuff for him, or buttoning his shirt and wearing his shoes for him.
Twins at about 18 months. Talking, reading together, hugging!
Just this morning...

Asher:"Shawna, I was carrying that bag, and all my things are inside. I just put down for the moment only, to have my lunch..."
Shawna:"But I want to use it!"
Mummy me:"Shawna, Asher has been carrying that bag the whole morning, he obviously wants to use it. Why don't you take another bag?"
Shawna:"Huh... but I want this bag..."

I turned around, when to the bag cupboard to search for a bag for Asher. And when I turned back to the kids...

Me:"What happened here?! Who dumped Asher's things that were in the bag on the ground?"
Shawna looked up at me in admission...
Me:"Shawna, I don't like this behaviour. Don't throw your brother's things on the floor like that!"
Asher:"Mummy, mummy, it's okay. I let her do that. Because I am letting her use the bag."
Me:"Really? Wow, that's really nice and kind of you to let her have the bag to use. But still, Shawna, you should not put his things on the floor like that, at least place them on the table."
Asher:"It's okay lah Mummy, as long as she is happy, can already."
Me:"You're spoiling her rotten, you!!!"
Asher & Shawna at approximately 18 months, playing together.
I have always emphasized to Isaac, Asher & Shawna that they are important to each other, and that they being brothers and sister, should always love and cherish each other, forever. I'm glad my efforts have seemed to pay off, but I am aware that it's still and always will be a work in progress. Just praying that the bonds they create now, will last a lifetime.

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