About us!

Welcome to the Tan Family Chronicles! 

The Chief Chronicler: Pamela - The Mother

Pamela is currently a full-time working mum, who indulges her passion for board games by importing them and selling them online at www.MyFirstGames.sg. Other than having a deep interest of playing strategy board games, Pamela enjoys various outdoor sports together with her husband and kids, as well as enjoys collecting Spiderman and other superhero action-figures. She makes it a point to create hard copy photo book collections of her family and takes the time to maintain a personal blog at www.TanFamilyChronicles.com.

The Rare Chronicler: Matthew - The Father 

Matthew's very busy. Hence, he rarely blogs :)

The Junior Chroniclers: The Tan Kidzes

We're trying to encourage the kids to write as well. We shall see how that goes :)

The Tan Family Chroniclers are friendly people! Feel free to contact us! We'd love to hear from you. Email us at tanfamilychronicles(a)yahoo.com

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