My First Games

Guess what?!

I've finally pursued one of my dreams and set up a toy store! No, not selling Spiderman stuff (though, that's a thought...), but actually an online e-store selling boardgames for the young (as young as 2!) and old (as old as 99!). Yes, boardgames for kids & adults, families and friends.

Started this more out of passion than anything else. I love playing strategy boardgames myself, and I wanted my kids to play them too. So I started playing boardgames with Isaac early, when he was 17 months old, and now that he's 4 years old, he's become a boardgamer in his own right. I've seen the way it helps lengthen his concentration span, as well as improve his abstract thinking skills like planning, and strategy. Also helps with his counting and he can now do addition with both hands.

People saw me playing with Isaac, and started asking me where I bought my games from (ordered online from USA, mostly). That's when it struck me that there could be a market for these - and hence I started to bring in boardgames from USA and Europe to sell, online. These games are what we in the (board)gaming world call the "Euros" - coz most of them are designed by Europeans. Even in USA, these are considered a niche market boardgames. They are also known as "Designer Boardgames" coz different designers have different styles and so, often, a designer's name is a marketing tool/brand-name in itself.

Boardgames are great for you to spend quality time with your families, and also with your friends. I still fondly remember the times spent playing games with my friends while in school. They're great for gatherings with friends too. In this day and age where the tv, the internet and the iGadgets are taking over our lives - boardgames promote social interaction that is GOOD for us!

So! Do me a favour, dear friends, pop by to the My First Games website and click LIKE on the Facebook link. Thanks in advance, and thanks to those who've already done so! *muakz*

And let me know anytime you need recommendations, or wish to try a game. I'd be more than happy to oblige you. Spend quality time together with family and friends, play more games, have fun! :) Game on!!!



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