Tuesday, 10 December 2013

A sanitised discussion about the Little India riots with the kids

So, we Singapore, are a shocked nation over the recent Little India riots... I had to buy the newspapers this morning to read about it. Yes, we don't buy newspapers everyday as we usually have no time to read. But today we bought because we wanted to read more about the Little India riots... 

As I was reading the news papers and talking to hubbs about the riots, the kids caught snippets of what we were talking about and started asking questions...
Isaac reading about the Little India riots after we had the discussion about it
Mummy me:"Ah yoh..."
Shawna:"Why you say "ah yoh", Mummy?"
Mummy:"Er... See, this man, he wasn't careful when... crossing the road, so the bus, er, bang into him, and he died."
Asher:"Where? Which man? Can I see? Can you turn the newspaper around, please Mummy, I want to see his picture... Oh, so poor thing."
Mummy:"Yes, so poor thing. That's why, when you cross the road, you must always be careful okay? If not, can die one. Must be careful okay?"
Asher:"Yes, Mummy."
Shawna pointed to the pictures of the overturned police cars and said: "Mummy, see, these drivers were not careful when driving, they never pay attention, so they got accident, see."
Mummy: " Oh! These are not the usual cars that we see in the morning when we go to school who were not careful while driving and got into an accident. These are police cars. See those people there, they pushed the cars over and set it on fire."
Asher:"Why they do that, Mummy?"
Shawna:"Why they burn the police car?"
Mummy:"I think it's because they were drunk."
Asher:"What is drunk?"
Mummy:"Drunk is when you drink too much alcohol, then you cannot think properly, then they start learning bad things from each other, and they do silly things like that."
Mummy:"That's why you should never drink too much alcohol, okay? It's not good for you, not good for your body. And that's also why Mummy always say don't learn bad things from people, right? Only learn the good things."
Shawna:"Okay, Mummy."
Asher:"No alcohol."
Mummy:"Did you hear all that, Isaac?" 
Isaac:"Yes, I heard you, Mummy."
Mummy:"Yes, so, just like smoking is not good for you, drinking too much alcohol is not good for you too. Understand? So don't smoke, and don't drink alcohol, and don't learn bad things. Be kind. Understand?"
Asher & Shawna:"Yes, understand, Mummy."
Isaac:"Yes yes..."

I looked up and saw hubbs grinning at me :)

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  1. Hey, I had also talked to my son about the riots. Guess it is a good learning point for our children.


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